After completed few mountains in a row, I found that Gunung Angsi is one of the easiest mountain to trek. The reason why I say so is because the well-developed trail and good direction given along the route, made easy for everyone to hike, even for beginner.

23 Jan 2011 | Gunung Angsi (Mount Angsi)

Unlike many mountain which was crowded with human long queue in the jungle, this mountain offered much better nature disposition and peacefulness.

Located at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, the real entrance of Mount Angsi trekking is actually started from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park. However, I was brought via another entrance called Bukit Putus.

With height of 825 meter (2,702 feet), it took me about 3 hours to reach the peak. The peak offered a good view surrounding and can view few popular mountains from far.

Gunung Angsi, an easy mountain by information source, in fact a challenging place for trekkers who underestimate its toughness side.

Perhaps, I have a thought of hiking this mountain before any other tougher mountain like Gunung Nuang, 3 years back. To spur interest in hiking activities, one shall start from relatively easy mountain and few hours’ completion.

Our journey from KL started very early, about 6.30am. But due to huge group, the buffer time was given until 8.15am to begin our foot journey. Parking on roadside is FREE, just located opposite the exit point.

Parking placenear the ending point

Huge group started to walk toward Bukit Putus

Many would caught unaware of this entrance because it was considered as shortcut by many hikers. For me, shortcut is better, no shortcut also no problem. Of course better surrounding for photography is a BIG must! If else, what’s the point of bringing camera but hike in the dark area?

Entrance from Bukit Putus Camp 2not easy to see and easily passed over

Hiking started on flat road, slowly up and but steep yet. Can I say trail hiking? Oh yea. Quite unexpected long trail for mountain hiking challenge.

Found a fallalong the trail

Flat roadbut long enough to make you bored

Casual hikercool beb

After a long leisure hike, we reached to a starting point where the steep hike took place until the rope climbing part. We have suffered for exhaustion in the middle way.

With no attempt to give up so early, we continue with giving ourselves motivation boost to push up further. Indeed, a good teamwork shows here.

We have crossed two lazy logs here plus a sign board indicated how much time left to reach the peak.

Lazy Log blocking our wayno intention to clear the path?

Underestimate walk slow doesn’t guarantee 60 minutes here

27 min more?how accurate? Just take it for granted

Here comes the rope section. One has to hold tight to elevate up to hard soil.

Hiking doesn’t count on age, as long as your stamina is there, nobody can stop you from trying.

Aunties not giving up tough lady

Chee May attempt on the ropean easy job

Fasa 4Bmarked another level

With much determination and trail become steeper and difficult, we faced it strongly and believe it was sign of reaching the peak. Yes, the sound was getting near and the sky was brighter. Finally!

Remarkable victoryat Gunung Angsi’s peak

Good brother of Dannycasual hikers and good stamina

A remarkable sign of heightby a hardcore group

My KhakisDansan & Chee May

The Beirut at Angsi‘s peak was collapsed and still standing where it collapsed. It’s fading slowly as an important mark of the peak.

Beirut just an icon at the peak

A cute girl in our grouplet’s name her as WF

We had our lunch here and everyone shaded under the tree. Weather was good because CNY just around the corner. Our group is a huge group but not everyone manage to reach the peak on time. For those who reached early, went back earlier than the rest.

Part of the big groupvery fortunate to meet people with similar interest

A spectacular view during the descendingdon’t you think hiking activity is incredible?

What makes Gunung Angsi different from others mountain? That’s tong sui‘s stall in the middle of jungle trail.

Yes, you read it right. We have a stall who provides us food & drinks when we least expected … for FREE? It’s up to you to pay the owner as part of donation of his good deed.

But we did.

Catch up with red beanumm delicious and tempting

Shading under the covera good place to take afternoon nap

We spent about half an hour here, taking our own time. A good leisure hike should include all these facilities instead of rushing to complete it.

Yea, it’s really depends on trail and roughness of the jungle.

For me, hike while enjoying the nature is most important if time doesn’t matter and urgent. Photography is a must to capture the moment and best surrounding.

Wide trail3 – 5 lane of human lane highway

End pointat opposite where we parked our car

If given a chance, I would definitely give another hike again in future to make a full trip covered all the trail.

Overall, this mountain could provides better facilities in its recreational park and covered most the good trail to go through without any trouble.