My previous visits with Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam (a.k.a Taman Pertanian Malaysia) were about SkyTrek and cycling activities. In fact, many place yet to be discovered with only half day here.

18 Dec 2010 | Cactus Garden @ Bukit Cahaya

Normally, you guys will associate this place with cycling but other than cycling, there are much more hardcore activities going on here such as paintball, skytrek and etc.

If you’re too lazy to walk along the way, just rent a bicycle for RM5 for first hour, subsequent RM1 per hour. Would you rather move on the wheel?

I’ve been invited for this for fun cycling. But I won’t be here for just cycling because I simply love to explore. Explore new place is a BIG must. I recalled a place where the cactus plant resides. Yea, it’s CACTUS GARDEN.

To go here, just follow the signboard available there, it’s same route with SkyTrek direction and further until the end.

Our first stop was at Fern Garden (Taman Paku-Pakis). This place is nothing because no where to go excepts the nice bridge and another collapsed bridge at another side. Pond was left dry and polluted. It’s like nothing here but beautiful entrance.

Capturing entranceempty promises

My DLSR was spoilt here, hence unable to take any picture on my own. Luckily another DSLR is on site.

Weather was not that good. We sweat even though sun heat wasn’t strong. We walked and shoot. Our aim was cycling, so they all won’t bother we were heading and just have a nice place to take photo.

Crossing the bridgea good photo here

This entrance is just located near the Fern Garden. I’m wondering why the welcome sign was put so far away from the outside entrance. What is the logic here?

Another capturing entrancemysterious destination

Our main destination. The place look like just renovated into better landscape.

A good place for photography! But my camera was not working that time. Hmmph!

Cactus Gardenman-made gate sculpture

Hippo wherever we go

Jump high stuntcaught us unaware

Found a hillaiming the top

A simple hike at small hillI was on top

Only me who was not reluctant to go on top. Yea, it may see as dangerous but I just love to hike at that moment. Some more the rock surface was made for people to stay on top. Why not try?

The girls hiked mountain but I hiked hill in same place –  picture trick

Real cactus in the garden. Don’t play-play. It’s kicking alive. Charming landscape amazed me but again complaining so much here because DSLR not working and dead. Haiz.

Group picture (without me huh)before calling our cycling activity end

Short visit like this ended beautifully although not much we can do other than cycling. And cycling requires a lot of energy, a good exercise for all of us. I’ll be back again for sure.

By calling our day, we headed to Klang for Bak Kut Teh before getting to our own way to enjoy the weekend.