Saga Hill is not a stranger to many hikers. In fact, this place was used as training base for Mount KK. The slope, terrain and steepness are what they’re looking for.

Bukit Saga (Saga Hill) Weekend Hiking

Located merely lesser than 2km from my house, this round was my third hike in here. A revisited trip has striker my interest further towards Bukit Saga. Indeed, a hill with many different routes leading to the peak and many stations to stop by for a complete journey.

I’ve yet to explore via Cheras Awana, mainly from Taman Saga entrance. There is limited parking space in playground field. Many advise to park at shop lot parking at Jalan Saga 20 and walk about 5 min to the starting point.

As you would observed recently, I’ve joined few new hiking group which they occasionally organized weekend hiking. It was on voluntarily basis and same interest. We share interest on hiking and from here, I managed to make more friends. Thanks to MyTravel Kaki Dot Com.

Map of Bukit Sagatogether with additional useful info

Group lead by WKmajority were youngster

Stamina required from the starting point as the trail has started to go upwards and no flat road. As Saga Hill is well developed with so many ropes and sign as reminder to keep the hill clean. One of the most notorious reminders is parking issue. Local residents have been complaint of many unknown vehicle park illegally in front of their house or nearby, blocking their way of convenience.

I guess this happened to most local trekking places and become crowded during weekend and public holiday. I hope more hikers (not only first timer) should aware of this to prevent any unpleasant experience here.

Crossing a dry pathreal challenge after this

Wide lanes4 or 5 people can hike at same time

There was a part where rope provided to climb up. Alternative route available to skip this, so no worry.

Training groundto spark interest in rock hiking

Weekend hiking can be disastrous as human jam is expected. Small or big, young and old were sharing the same path leading to the peak. If you’re coming for hardcore training, you may found this situation unpleasant.

Multi-lane into smaller lanerocky trail with rope support

Average hikers need 45 minutes or lesser to complete the first trail before reach the peak. You may consider this Saga peak as end point and call off your training because the continuing part to Cuepac way (Apeh waterfall) required another hour to do so.

Saga peakwell developed rest station

I decided to call off my training at Bukit Saga this round. I may come here again for training in future on weekend basis.

But confirmed I would explore another trail (B, C or even D) other than current Trail A next time.

If you think Saga Hill is just a small hill for only once, you were wrong. There is much too explore at Saga Hill. It would be never ending affair.