A revisited trip to Kanching Waterfall was made for a purpose. To explore the highest level of fall, the 8th waterfall. Usually, the highest fall was formed by streams of river banks and bed in a pool of water before flowing down from steep cliffs.

30 Oct 2010 | Kanching Waterfall Highest Level (8th)

The 8th waterfall is not an ordinary level for most visitors because  the highest point is at 7th waterfall level. Indeed, the highest point can be seen as a small waterfall connected to 7th waterfall at about 10-15m distance, creating a small pool of water.

It wasn’t a popular level because to get into this level, one has to bear a very steep and tough hike. However, the route leading to this level has been marked with red-sign arrow for safety purpose.

As for introduction, this waterfall offers many different levels under a lush greenery jungle. Common visitors were those from family and couple type who wanted a simple nature outing here. Photographer enthusiastic also found it remarkably captivating  for a nice shots.

From the starting point, one can see a well maintained recreation park which provides access to the lowest waterfall. It was regarded as the most crowded and completed facilities for picnickers.

Welcome the starting point to lowest waterfall

To reach the upper falls uphill scrambling may be necessary. You may find this kind of uphill a bit chokes up your stamina but once you reach another level, the exhausted is gone.

Lush greenerysurrounded the park

Popular spot 3rd fall (Lata Tempenis)

Uncles having fununder heavy rain

Continue to move up furtherunder cold weather after rain

My visit this round has been deterred by a heavy rain. But it hasn’t stopped me from continue because I believe I could make it to the top.

Another amazing fall4th waterfall (Lata Kapur)

With a good determination, all seven level of waterfall seems to be so short and easy to climb.

Splendid view of6th waterfall (Lata Gapis)

The adventure journey has just started. I’ve passed the 7th waterfall and regarded as longest and highest in Kanching Waterfall series.

To the top of waterfallhike over those rocky and root path

YO!! Reach!!Highest waterfall (8th waterfall)

Clear waterstraight from riverbed

Cooling effecthow can I resist the temptation?

Probably this is not the end yet. Why? Because I have to find the source of water stream.

Hike furtherwalk along the jungle

River stream connected to each otherbuild up a bigger stream

Smaller water streaminto deep jungle of Serendah

To explore further, I guess have to do jungle trekking where I believe the route will connected to Serendah area. I decided to end my mission and declared as completed.

Picnicker usually won’t step into this level, so let alone trekkers do the job. The route was there to lead you deeper into the jungle. The river stream becomes smaller and divided. Challenges are always there to explore.

But I decided to stop here for Kanching Waterfall mission although I know that plateau is where the river begins is yet to explore.