Penang Bridge International Marathon was my latest marathon event that I joined last year. For the last two years, I was only within the KL area, barely go out for BIG places.

21 Nov 2010 | Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Being for myself, it was a breakthrough when I hit my own record at 1 hour 12 minutes. Although nothing to proud as it’s not under one hour, but I’m grateful.

Running this event was always my wish and finally I did it after planning since 3 years ago. It was hard to plan when I considered about the cost coming all over from KL for just few hours event.

Therefore, I’d planned accordingly and mixed with my Penang Food Quest trip. This trip was 3 days 2 night and unbeatable compare to my all previous food trips. Remember to stay tune for the next post.

Planned about 6 months ago, I gave up other events for this marathon. It was an awesome experience to participate in this marathon although I run only for 10km.

It was a Sunday wee hour morning. The night before, it was a raining day and continues until the next day. Instead of worry, I pray for good weather.

Unfortunately when I came out from Tune Hotel, the rain drop heavily. Under this situation, most people would think about get back to sleep.

For me, I ain’t care for any weather. Once I’m opted for it, I must GO.

I drove to the event place and park at roadside (not at highway roadside). I arrived early and managed to secure a good spot while waiting at starting point. It was less rain drop but still able to make you wet entirely even before you start sweating.

I brought my DSLR together for this run. Even though a burden, but it’s worth to see all pictures taken along the journey.

The starting point was at Eastin Hotel. The shot gun shot before I managed to get into the crowd.

A very cold misty morningrun under the rain

Flat road all the way made us easy to run consistently. Due to the weather, many people still keen to run and enjoy the run. The sunrise was nice too.

Opposite our waythose 5km/10km fun runners

Due to consistent run, I met the crowd all the way.

At this point, the rain still dropping lightly. Nobody was going to care and continue to run.

Medal collection for finisherhuge crowd in queue

Go around for photosmany strangers flocking around

Both of us were so keen to try outfinally completed

Met our friend thereMei Ching

Our achievement togetherhere we are!

In fact, it was going to be a long story for this event. Starting from preparation, goodies bag collection, freebies, walk around and so on.

To cut it short, I really enjoy this experience running on the bridge, even thought part of the whole bridge.

If you ask me whether this year interested or not, I can tell you I’m going for a break this year.

My next run will be at Putrajaya coming this April 2011. It’s a night run, so you may able to guess already. Battery marathon lor. LOL.