The GREATEST makan-makan trip I ever had in my life. It was happened from 2 months back in Penang Island where we hunted as many foods available as we can. Nothing can beat when comes to food delightful.

19 Nov 2010 | Penang Quest N Food 2010

(aka Makan-Makan trip @ Penang Island)

Penang Island is famous with so many great foods. No doubt that we had prepared much earlier with Penang best food guide before hand, namely Penang Food Trail.

We drove up to the North from KL in two cars with seven of us. A 3 days 2 night trip can’t get any better than this – food craving all the day in the island. Of course without our great food Penangites navigator our plan won’t be as so successful.

Started at the wee hour of Friday morning, we were still managed to catch up with breakfast at Ayer Hitam at sharp. This marks our food hunting trip begun.

9.30am …

Wonderful weather greeted us with a blue sky and shiny sunshine and windy air-blow.

GPS not as great as our Penangites friend

10.00am …

Curry Mee @ Ayer Hitam is a spicy soup of egg noodles and rice noodles with prawns, cockles, bean sprouts, pig’s blood cubes, soybean puffs, cuttlefish and mint leaves. Cost per bowl is RM3.00 only.

Curry Mee @ Ayer Hitam

Since it was just nearby famous temple Kek Lok Si, we decided to have a quick exercise walking up to the hill. Kek Lok Si is meaning Temple of Supreme Bliss by name is one of the best known temples on the island and largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia.

Quiet morningwalk towards the entrance

Temples of Supreme Blissgreat architectural

There is a small crane lift to carry visitors further uphill to the towering statue of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.

Elevated waycost us RM4 for return way

Our next stop was Pasar Ayer Hitam.

12.30pm …

Laksa @ Ayer Hitam is fish-based spicy rice noodle soup, differs greatly from laksa available elsewhere. Cost us RM3.00 per bowl.

The strong aroma of the soup and unique taste of prawn paste makes this hawker food popular among local and tourist.

Laksa @ Ayer Hitam

Ais kacang @ Ayer Hitam

2.00pm …

Our time was a bit early when we wanted to check-in. Hence, post lunch comes into the picture.

Our post lunch @ Town Coffee Shop, Jln Kimberly has brought us the famous Oyster delicacy. Cost us RM7.00 per plate.

Oyster @ Town Coffee Shop

2.45pm …

Finally, time to check-in has came. Our stay at Tune Hotel Dot Com again proved its price. It doesn’t disappoint us with the service rendered.

Budget hotelwith quality assured

Small roombut feel spacious due to the room design

3.00pm …

Without resting too long, we immediately went out to the nearby Located at next of the hotel, there’s a famous New World Park food court. We ain’t eating there but behind the food court.

We had a Majestic Rojak (RM5.00 per plate), Loh Bak Gao (RM4.00 per plate) and Chee Cheong Fun (RM3.00 per plate) at this unknown place.

Majestic Rojaka mixed fruit salad in prawn-paste sauce

Loh Bak Gaoa turnip cake

Chee Cheong Funsteamed flat rice noodle rolls

4.30pm …

The best hour for an afternoon nap. Everyone agree to have an hour two for rest. For those who do not want to rest can follow us to pack some foods from town.

Three of us drove to the town to pack foods from famous spot, Bangkok Lane is just one them.

Mee Goreng, an Indian fried noodle with fritters, bean curd, egg, prawn, squid, and a dash of lemon. Cost RM4.00 per plate.

Famous Bangkok Lane eateryunique way of fried the mee

Mee Goreng @ Bangkok Lane

Apong Baliknyonya fold-over pancake from Jln Burmah

This Apong Balik was so popular at stall along Burmah Road. Almost half an hour has wasted to wait for it. Many people have been waiting before us. Some more, it’s located at road side stall. You can imagine how difficult we find the parking. Cost us RM0.40 for each.

Pasembur, fried tidbits and shredded vegetable salad in sweet-and-spicy sauce.

Pasembur a unique by its combination of sauce and fried tidbits

You won’t able to imagine it that we were having all these 3 foods in our small room, with seven peoples together. You won’t able to understand how fun it was when comes in sharing among us.

It’s the time to pause our affectionate towards food after all days having meals nonstop. We were given two hours rest at our own room before we meet again at 8.00pm for dinner.

Tune Hotel roomambassador of the hotel

9.00pm …

Dinner time was a bit late because of traffic jam at town. All kind of popular foods eatery was crowded. However, it won’t deter us from having two round of dinner at two different places.

Our first location was kinda pack. We have no seat. Forced us to seat at back kitchen area, a secluded area where no one notice us when comes to order.

First round dinner having no seat, end up in kitchen area

Wantan Meeegg noodle dish with wonton, barbequed pork and vege, RM3.00

Hokkien Meenoodle n spicy prawn-based soup topped with fried onion, RM4.40

Oyster cost us RM6.00

Our second round dinner was at Macalister Road. This food heaven place was like another food court on side road. We ordered the following.

Char Kuey Teowtaste was quite bad and a bit overpriced, RM5.50

Koay Kakgreat but quantity was too small, RM4.00

Satay babi (pork)never thought of eating this in Penang, RM1.00 per stick

Fried Wu Koktriangle shape, RM1.10 each

Two rounds of dinners was enough to make us lazy to walk. But we have to walk to get rid the fullness. Without long consideration, we drove around Penang town. Got stuck in traffic jam at such hour. Can’t believe it!

11.00pm …

At this hour, where else can we go?

Gurney Drive was our choice for fun. Yes, we walked for such a long distance along the beach. The Friday night was quite happening for most family type, couple and friends.

Gurney Drivefull of people even in the midnight

Our Day 1 trip has just reached the end with cramped a lot of foods.

Tomorrow will be another great day to come. Our navigator has studied the food plan in order to cover our needs for food.

We great a good night to everyone who woke up so early in the morning. It was time to recharge our energy for tomorrow event.

Say TATA. Good night!

20 Nov 2010

8.30am …

Our Day 2, a fabulous morning greeted with energetic mind and body. Our soul was back for another day of food hunting.

As per planned, Fort Cornwallis short visit before breakfast was just hit the right time. We were the first batch to enter the place which required entrance fees of RM2 per adult and RM1 per children.

A short history of Fort Cornwallis from Wiki.

Fort Cornwallis is an old star-shaped fort located on the northeastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia.

Captain Sir Francis Light took possession of the island from the Sultan of Kedah in 1786 and built the original fort.

Bringing history to lifethe fort has its own story telling

Brief introa real cannon display, don’t play-play

Standing high .. Sir Francis Light statue

A walk tour inside the fort can be say benefited if you enjoy and know the story behind it. Each cubicle has its own artifacts display as well as the story.

10.00am …

Time for breakfast.

There was a place called Yat Lok Tong, a famous morning market. Even at such late morning, they still a lot of people in the market.

We settled down for this famous Loh Mee.

Loh Mee, an egg and rice noodles in dark starchy broth with chicken meat, mushroom, chicken feet and garlic sauce, RM2.50 each.

Loh Mee @ Yat Lok Tong morning market

Busy stallselling red bean desert and mee hoon

Economy bee hoonfried rice noodle fast food,  RM1.50

Apong/ApomIndian paper-flake pancake

Enjoy the walkan eye opener toward Penang market

After hectic walk around market, we continue with our shopping plan to kill our FREE time.

With a handful of opportunities, we managed to grab one movie to watch, walked around the mall and eat McD ice-cream. How relax and enjoy was that, right?

2.30pm …

Late lunch at Jalan Genting, known as famous Muar Chee. Again, the place was still packed at this hour because of the popular foods there. Not only Muar Chee, but Chee Cheong Fun. So unlucky, the stall wasn’t opened.

Chee May with her assam laksahaving her all time favorite meal

Famous Muar Cheepeanut-coated glutinous rice-balls, RM2.00 each

Loh Bak mixed dish of deep-fried tidbits that include meat rolls, beancurd, tofu, prawn, octopus and etc

Dry kuey teowthe taste was out of our expectation, NICE!

Late lunch group picture @ Jln Genting

4.00pm …

Even though so many foods have gone to our stomach, we still not get enough yet.

Back to the hotel room, we quickly took a quick rest until 6.00pm. We decided for an early dinner because we planned for a bazaar night walk at 8pm.

The weather was hot and everyone looks tired. Our dinner indeed the luxury one, seafood dinner @ DeHappy Restaurant.

6.30pm …

Our ONE stop at Macalister Road for seafood dinner proved our food hunting extended to restaurant as well.

Car park is FREE if you eat at this restaurant. Food can be varies from seafood to meat and vegetable. But the food can cost us a bomb especially the crab, RM50 each kilogram. Our total bill is RM318. Wow!

Menu food selection

Fried buncrispy!

Gosh Crab!! saliva dropping

Salty eggs crabmy favorite

Honey Baked Cod Fish high quality meat, perhaps?

8.00pm …

As planned earlier, we had our walking exercise to burn the high calories dinner at Ferringhi Night Bazaar. It was really happening at night, with pub, bar, restaurant, cafe and even money changer.

My first visit at this bazaar didn’t come out with disappointment.

The busiest area was where all cheap stuffs and pirated stuff going on. I guess it was well known to many locals there. Parking along the road can cause a traffic jam, therefore a designated car park at most places requires to pay one. We pay RM3 for road side parking. Ridiculous!

10.00pm …

Time was getting late because I got marathon on the next day. I have to take an early rest. They were all planned for a drink at pub cafe but not included me, of course. I went back to hotel for an early rest for tomorrow D-Day!!

21 Nov 2010

4.00am …

An early wake up in the early morning for Penang Marathon.  As I told in my previous post, it was raining heavily when I came out from hotel. It was leaving me with decision of continue or give up. Many would say give up with excuses, but not me.

I decided to go on even though rain heavily. I was well prepared to run under the rain. It doesn’t bring harm anyway. I get used to it during my last hiking under the rain. Situation was quite similar.

Situation was getting better when the run started. A whole new experience to run under such cold weather. By an hour plus, I completed my run proudly. Again, it was a crowded affair. We wasted no time for quick photo shooting and leaving the place.

10.30am …

We checked out on time at 10.30am. Nothing comes fancy when we all knew that our trip was going to end soon.

Before we drive back to KL, our final stop was at Penang Road Teochew Cendol. This famous cendol stall is where you can have it while standing beside the stall or seated comfortably at Joo Hooi coffee shop.

Cendol, a desert of green starch-noodle in coconut milk and palm sugar, cost us RM2.30 each.

Famous Cendol @ Teochew Road

Popiah, teochew-style spring roll with a filing comprising turnip, beancurd, egg bits and a dash of chilli paste and sweet sauce. Cost RM2.80 per plate.

Popiah @ Penang Road

Asam Laksahad the best bowl of laksa before leaving Penang

We officially bid GOODBYE to our Penang Makan-Makan trip. According to our food navigator, we need at least 2 years break from having another similar trip again.

Thank you everyone for making this trip so successful. We shall meet again in the next trip.

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