For most of the casual hikers, this hill is seems to be less known to them. An exception for those who like to recce to any kind of jungle. The actual trail leads to the summit was kinda short but not as easy as expected.

28 Nov 2010 | Hill-Hiking @ Bukit Rasa

The terrain are consists of loose soils, a bit of rock climb and jungle trekking. The starting point is all about rock ascends. A beirut is marked as the summit of the hill. Supposedly, the hill offers a 270 degrees panoramic view, but those overgrown trees have blocked the surrounding from being seen.

If the skies are clear, we will able see Genting Highlands from the beirut. To make it interesting, few of us actually climbed up to the beirut for better view.

Hiking is always my passion. None of the hill so far unknown to me excepts this one.

Given instruction by leadwhat to expect in this hill?

Trail starteda bush to cross over

Bukit Rasa is just a name given by the name of surrounding. Sometimes also called as Bukit Sentosa. But actual name is not confirmed by anyone of us until the authority named the hill.

Slippery & loose rockeasily sliding so gotta be careful

Definitely this hill will be going for development and I don’t think it will stay for long enough in future.

As long as it’s does still exist, let’s hike for fun.

One after anothernever ending rock path

An exposed to the hot sun has just begun.

Arghh!! Imagine it.

Looks nearin fact a distance from starting point

Interesting challenge always ahead us. One after another.

Beginner may find it challenging but for us, it’s just another obstacles.

Steep hikingpart of the toughness bewildering us

Uneven path always caught us in the middle. So have to be careful on each step. One wrong step could be painful.

Loophole hikingwhy I need to cross such trail?

Sound like the peakthe sun has risen

Trails are likely to be stamina balancing act rather than energy consuming. We had a good crawling up the soft rock and enter the jungle straight away.

The trail has been grown with fern and fallen trees, thus blocking our path. Our guide was cleared up the trail with his parang.

Like new trailnarrow path

Up up upfind your steps please!

The peakat such height, who brought this beirut here?

Mandatory climbto enjoy the view better

We spend an hour to chit-chat and photo shooting.

Nothing much can do over here. Barely can do camping or resting as the space is very limited.

Descending challengejust enjoy sliding LOL

Most of the hills are likely to favor for beginner because of the simplicity. A short duration less than 4 hours will enough to spark an interest in hiking activities.

Occasionally I would suggest hiking hill rather than mountain for light training or leading people.

Remember that to enjoy hiking, you have to trigger others to think same like you. Without trekking partner to share same passion with you, it’s not going to be fun and enjoy.

For the sake of myself, I have a target to hike at least ONE mountain every month, with TWELVE mountains this year. No more big or small, tall or short, as long as it’s called a mountain, I’ll make it to the top and sign off the completion status.

Stay with me for more mountain hiking stories along the year. Cheers.