Gunung Tok Wan is not that a GLAMOR name for irregular hikers despite to its name. But it’s almost associated with Broga Hill when people asked where it is. Located at just behind Broga Hill peak, you can say an extension to Broga peak, there was a mountain.

14 Nov 2010 | Gunung Tok Wan [via Broga Hill]

The most crowded hill always the most favorite hill in Malaysia, Broga Hill in these recent years. The traffic towards the hill is almost JAM every weekend! If not, you have to queue up like a long mad queue for the sake of enjoying the nature. People from different groups namely from casual hikers, photographer, couple, family, teenager and even school kids.

Only few of groups included us dare to challenge Gunung Tok Wan after the Broga’s peak. Gunung Tok Wan starting point is located at 4th peak, also the highest peak of Broga.

Broga has height of 400m while Gunung Tok Wan has just 675m height. However, the trail stretches for almost 3.1km before touching the peak. From first peak to 4th peak of Broga might take you only 30 minutes, but from 4th peak to peak of Tok Wan will takes you 2 hours.

Our 9.6km expedition in total took us about 5.5 hours. We started at 7am, considered a late comer. People were walking opposite direction from us.

We have a strong determination to complete our mission today even though a bit rain had made some of us worried. We just continue and whatever it happens, we reached the peak at 10.20am with proud. Congrats to all of us. Made it!

I lead a group to Tok Wan peak for first time. I myself also a first timer, but from my research online, the trail to the peak is fairly easy with complete direction. I’ve no worry for this.

Car park of RM2imposed for Broga development

Fairly spacious car parkmaintained in good form

From here to peak 4.8kmBroga has became so easy to hike

Boring walkbut have to walk

Uneven traillike street road in KL, LOL

Ridiculous crowda busy hill every weekend

Long grassthe main attraction other than sunrise

Improved soil stair-case for hikersnow no more sliding down

Meditation behind the mountainDansan

Camping, model shoot or datingfamous spot in Broga

Making a fascinating shotjust to trick your friend oversea

At 4th peakrequired rock climb using rope

KhakisDansan, Chee May and TKT

Welcome to Broga peakat 400m

Even at highest peakalso crowded with people

With determination to escape from such ridiculous crowd, we entered the jungle of Tok Wan mountain. For about 3.1km distance, we expected to reach the peak. Expected no view because of forest surrounding the peak. No panorama view of top of the world feel.

Getting ready for challengehere we are

Remaining distance another 3km to go

Another 2kmencouraging and anticipating

Gunung Tok Wan’s peak675m from sea level

Fast descendingunder hot sun

Yo! Completed!what kind of achievement leading a group successfully

Not to deny that we were getting enough of Broga because it had lost its attractiveness of being a nature place to enjoy rather to stress. Till now, I’ll give a rest to this place until further notice. I’ll continue to accept much challenging hill/mountain going forward. A restless mind and soul thinking of more mountains to accomplish in year 2011. A year of spending while saving. Haha.