Happy 2011. First post of the year. It’s time to reveal my resolutions for this year. In my previous year, I set few general resolutions and this year won’t be any exception. To be frank, my intuition told me that hopes, future, achievements, satisfactions and fulfillment this year can be achieve. How about you?

1.1.2011 | Happy New Year 2011

Effort and concise plan will be focus on my mid-career, healthy body & mind, relationship and traveling as beginning of year 2011. An extend of degree resolution is set to be achieve in pride. Try to always look for greater achievement, more far than you can expect.

Always hold on with belief attitude to get something done more immensely.

Let’s me start with my Y2k11 resolutions before I recall my Y2k10 past.

Y2k11 Ahead …

Not every resolutions set last year should put a full stop this year. In fact, it becomes a guideline for me to look forward to continue achieving it with better outcome. And a brilliant idea in years ahead.

More is betterthe more the better

It’s not hard to think where I was heading to and understand what it was hidden. No matter how I want to figure out what I need accomplish will just be a dummy if I don’t put my thought on it thoroughly. Just make it simple, okay?

  • Career Building
  • Health Shielding
  • Affectionate Love
  • Innovative Touring

Career Building

I’m in my mid-life of career. Progressing immensely and prioritize once the chances are there. Never lose grip on opportunities, it does help you to get what you want.

Health Shielding

No health, no life. Without health, you can’t do anything. Anything I do, I’ll think about health complication.

Affectionate Love

Who doesn’t want a fruitful relationship? Friendship can be overnight come and go, relationship can be ripening by time and effort.

Innovative Touring

Certainly part of my life. Life can’t without it or No Life as a result. There are 3 elements to figure out why it’s so important, Time, Money & Energy. You’ll know what I mean.

Be part of self-realization object occasionally, I’ll put myself in a deep thought. My past a year achievement, whether a fruitful or a dry, has been flashing in and out right now.

Y2k10 Past … Top 10

In year 2010 … I learn to be more outspoken, socializing and mixing up with peoples. Nothing should hold me back when comes to achieving my dreams.

In year 2010 … Be strong and fit and energetic all the time. Gain a lot from public sports event, own training and group outing.

In year 2010 … Mountain, hill, waterfall and beach had affiliated in my weekend diary. It has something to do with my enthusiasm with Mother Nature.

In year 2010 … I’d completed 3 modules of MBA slowly. Foresee myself to continue with a life-long learner life.

In year 2010 … Advancing myself out from my vicinity. Put myself in greater height and longer journey to see the world.

In year 2010 … Getting a direction to where I’m going. With a GPS on hand, my world has become smaller.

In year 2010 … Start to feel the urgency to settle down. Yet to be ready with current life, my instinct told me otherwise.

In year 2010 … Love with numbers versus time. Going to venture into a financial planner position.

In year 2010 … Maintaining my status quo of bringing in credit. Even though, it had trained me to use money wisely.

In year 2010 … Continue with great life even though the sources are limited.

Major Achievement of 2010


  • Witnesses friend’s weddings venture into new stage of life
  • Theme-park outing at Genting Highlands. Fruitful BIG plushy toy
  • SkyTrek Extreme: Completed!!


  • Lou Sang (Hakka Restaurant, Melaka relatives and my HOUSE)
  • FGS Dong Zen in fourth year (3rd times)
  • Day-trip at Pulau Ketam. NICE!


  • Explore Tabur East. NICE!
  • Genting Concert of Sammi Cheng
  • Chiling Waterfall (Revisited)


  • Sg Lembing Trip with WS Group. GOOD!
  • PC Fair Portrait Shooting
  • Cycling Trip at Bukit Cahaya
  • Explore Saga Hill. Cool!


  • Explore Saga Hill again!
  • GreenBox K-oke with Khakis
  • Explore Gasing Hill. Cool!
  • Explore Gasing Hill again!
  • Attend DCIM 2010 and buy new lens
  • Putrajaya outing for photo-shooting
  • Sekinchan outing for photo-shooting


  • Day-trip at Bukit Tinggi with her. Anniversary trip!
  • Run Standard Chartered Marathon 2010
  • Explore Kanching Waterfall first time. NICE!
  • Visit Zoo Negara to explore animals


  • Ultimate Challenge: Mulu Pinnacles. AMAZING!
  • Explore Gunung Irau. COOL!
  • Conquer Gunung Nuang. SALUTE!


  • Night BBQ at Bagan Lalang
  • Explore Gunung Kutu. GREAT!
  • Semenyih Dam outing for photo-shooting


  • Trip of the year: East Coast Vacation. ULTIMATE!
  • Jom Makan-Makan Melaka: 2nd Edition


  • Explore Gunung Bunga Buah. NICE!!
  • Run Fun-Run by Hooha!
  • Explore Serendah Waterfall. COOL!
  • Sekeping Serendah tour and photo-shotting
  • Explore Sg Kanching advanced level: 8th Level


  • Explore Saga Hill with new group
  • Visit Go Mobile 2010 for new smartphone
  • Explore Gunung Tok Wan. SATISFIED!
  • Explore Gunung Datuk. SATISFIED!
  • Organize Makan-Makan trip at Penang. FOODsss!
  • Run Penang Bridge Marathon. GOOD!
  • Explore Bukit Rasa. GOOD!


  • Organize Annual Gathering 2010: 2nd Edition (Bukit Tinggi). COOL!
  • Cycling at Bukit Cahaya to explore Cactus Farm. NICE!
  • Christmas Walk at Melaka River Night View
  • Visit Taman Buaya. GOOD!

Let’s welcome Y2k11 with full of hopes, laughter, happiness and plans.

That’s all about me. How about yours?