An unforgotten day for DarkOne, as it says, darkness shall prevail until the judgement day. It held in the dark of bistro + brewpub at Tropicana Mall.

24 Oct 2010 | DarkOne’s awaken @ Royal Thai

To show how strong our bonding is, our group picture proved them all. One year plus apart from common empire, while some went to shade under different land with same ruler, we all have one common ideologies, that’s condemned the fallen empire ruling.

A night without prolong time and a busy week had occupied most of us. Hence, we were only able to make it on Sunday night which is obviously not a favor from anyone of us.

It comes under a fire when the place we decided to go has only ONE room which can accommodate 10+ peoples. How ridiculous. Imagine, you only make a luxury business of one group for a night.

For a hint, it was a sushi’s based restaurant in Tropicana.

That’s why we came across this place for last minute of decision. Our wonderful place of birthday celebration and let me intro a bit with few pictures taken there.

Assam fishquite presentable and tasty

White and Red Tom Yamfull flavor and meet expectation

As you should know, good food doesn’t come cheap. Our bill was about RM326. However, we have a good laugh and chat along the dinner. Surrounding was quite good for us.

The man and the beastmore or less, LOL

Fei-Ta common face in most gathering post

Entrance for those who unable to visualize

A recommended place for chill-out in a group of peoples for dinner or simply tasting the brew served in one corner. I simply would reconsider again about this place because I simply love Thai food!