Continue from post of Island of the Wool – Kapas Island, we continue our vacation by hopping to another beach along the coastline, Cherating.

4 Sept 2010 | East Coast Vacation 2010 (Cherating)

Travelled along the trunk road for about 150km, we decided on Holiday Villa Cherating as our next destination. It’s undoubtedly the most popular beach along the east coast. The sandy beaches are dotted with pleasant casuarinas trees and calm water.

Holiday Villa Cherating, in my opinion is a perfect getaway place to be with friends and loved ones.

At 4.00pm, we check-in at Holiday Villa Cherating after we were left undecided where we should stay in Cherating. After having a round tour to their resort and facilities, with an offering at price of RM190 per night, we had no objection to settle at here.

Walk-in availabilitywas given Garden Villa at Istana Wing

We stayed at Garden Villa, a spacious semi-d chalet is really worth a night. The offering from this resort is all about privacy and personal luxuries surrounding and you can get pampered all you want. It comes with perfect combination of great waves, white sandy beach and fine dining place. Not many people around that day which we really enjoyed it.

I stayed at Palace Wing which features a replica of Islama Lama Sri Menanti in Negeri Sembilan. The distance from each other are just few walking steps.

Semi-D Chalet Garden Villa Cherating

Our room provides relaxing ambiance with blend of convenience, comfort, warmth. It’s included a television, air condition, a fridge, sofa seat and safe deposit box.

Near to swimming poolstraight towards from front door

Quiet poollike having our pool for ourselves for an hour

There are another more luxurious stay called Eastern Pavilion, features 12 boutique villas, each with its own private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. This is truly your intimate escapade.

Eastern Paviliona higher class by accommodation

Private swimming pooljust straight from the door and dip into it

Various Malaysia state pavilionsI guess 14 but I didn’t count

The Lagenda Restaurant at offers a large range of local and western dishes in elegant surroundings. To spice up your stay, try the Chinese cuisine serve in the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel.

A short distance of walknear the beach

Relax and hear to sounds of wavesoblivious to the surroundings

At nightit’s more romantic to hold the moment here

Our dinner indeed a special one, instead of getting out for a casual dinner, we went out to night market out there. I’ve few recommendations from GPS location. To make things better, we took away KFC Family Bucket (4 pax) and with famous keropok lekor and we ate at beside swimming pool.

Nice feeling and ambiances where we can have our dinner at dim light and side pool. After a delighted dinner, we had our time walk-around the resort.

Night viewtruly reflect my feeling that night

Resort lobbynot crowded even at weekend night

Time to bid good night after an energetic day and prepare for last day of our vacation tomorrow.

… 5 Sept 2010

In the next morning, we had a good quality of breakfast served at the Lagenda restaurant. Some foods are well known to the resort.

My buffet breakfastin fresh morning with breezy weather

Even though the weather is wet, we went for a walk at beach. The feeling that can get from waking on powdery, white sand beaches can only be describe by experiencing it.

White powdery sand beachhardly can describe without experiencing it

Throughout my entire stay here, I can say that SATISFIED is the only word to describe my feeling. Enough for simple holiday at Cherating, not much can do over here except to enjoy the mother nature that resided along the coast line.

We checked out on early to continue our vacation plan by stopping by Teluk Chempedak before going back to KL.

Check-it out in my last post of East Coast Vacation 2010 series in next.