Compare to last year (3-in-1 DC Hilarious Nitez), this year we make it rather casual and relaxing. We all agreed to officially launch our first edition of Annual Gathering in year 2010, to conclude the year in fashionable way.

11-12 Dec 2010 | Annual Gathering 2010

Our strong bonding proved it all. Our final decision making our way to Bukit Tinggi was made a month ago. A good and smooth planning contributing the successful of the trip planned. To make things interesting and colorful, we made a visit to Colmar Tropicale French Village.

Our accommodation is Selesa Hill Resort where we had 2 units of 3-bedrooms (up to 12 pax). The cost is reasonable at RM300 each unit, equivalent to RM50 per pax). The place was totally suit our needs, with privacy, cooling air and spacious. Our room all are clean and neat, bringing up our Home-Sweet-Home feel.

It was no longer an outing where we had our own group. This round, we included our friends within a same network to join us to make things sparkling and interesting. Although it wasn’t a kind of countdown this year, we made it as early X’Mas and Birthday celebration which was quite meaningful in this month.

We have a large group of 11 people. Most of us were attended last year gathering with few newly joined gangs. Our main agenda in this gathering was steamboat dinner, along with events such as X’Change Gifts and Dress Code. A visit to Bukit Tinggi French Village is not compulsory but all were welcome to have it.

8.00am …

Our early meet up point is at Shell station along MRR2 before entering Karak Highway. We had our breakfast at McD there because majority of us came with empty stomach. But I know they were not suffered from hungriness because they really expected and excited about this trip. The joyous and sparkling smiles are hard to describe here.

A trip toBukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale

Coming to the entranceFrench Village

9.00am …

We drove straight to Colmar Tropicale Village. The cooling weather was absolutely perfect that day. After we parked our car, we proceed to the main entrance and having our usual non-stop photo-shooting. Even though some of us were looking for toilet, however, has forgotten and totally not care anymore when walking along the entrance.

Captivating entrancecoming close by foot

The beautiful infrastructure of French architecture design has amazed everyone who walked pass-by. Slowly we moved towards the village and yet the amazing view has just begun. I’m going for fewer words here because I believe pictures speak thousand of words.

ahT with new look

Professional photographerin the making

Secret windowleads to secret world

Welcome to the windows passageby Asstero

Concentrating on a gamehow to win?

Incredible big bearbut out of shape due to no one won it

Watch toweroversee the village

Zooming please identify yourself

Street of cultuream I in Malaysia?

Infamous Dansanrare take but must have

Dazzling pillargot nice view from top perhaps?

No wonder lareveryone look at it

Final group picturemost memorable capture

11.00am …

They’ve stunned surprising to know the French village can be just concluded within an hour plus. Indeed, there will be a second part where we have to take their provided transport to another village called Japanese Tea Garden. Yet another one hour plus time killer for us.

Japanese Tea Gardenanother wonderful landscape

More or less, we were quite fortunate because of the cloudy weather but never happened to rain. Secondly, our time frame was just fit into our schedule and no delay or whatsoever.

A Japanese Tea Garden, a kind of scenery plus walking around. Photo-shooting is totally possible here because you’ll be amazing unbelievable to take the doubt whether you’re in real Japanese village or just a replica. That’s the beauty here.

A 300m path lead toBotanical Garden and subsequent to entrance

1.00pm …

All of us were damn hungry after walked almost few hours in straight. We settled our lunch at Garden View Bukit Tinggi restaurant, just 5 min from our accommodation.

A recommended restaurant from other blog stated that the price was cheap and worth. But when I ordered it, it wasn’t that cheap … so I guess special dishes such as fish and meat, was causing me a bomb. Our most expensive dish was RM78 and RM50.

2.30pm …

We checked into apartment unit. This place was quite okay and good location for view. We can forget about air-con because it’s absolutely not hot or stuffy but windy. Our expectation was met this round. A wise decision anyway.

Selesa Hill Resortproceed to reception counter

Moving inwith all the equipment needed

Tidy and cleanunit with 3 rooms apartment

Gift X’Change line-upwaiting for distribution later on

Spacious and very clean unitfrankly say it’s above my expectation

Main roomattached bathroom and balcony

Normal roomclean and air-con attached

Clean bathroomno smell and dry

Clean kitchensimple and spacious for us for preparation

We lifted all stuffs and equipment for our steamboat dinner. As the time was still early to get the preparation, some of us went for mahjong games while I went for table tennis game. The rest were going to sleep or just a quick napping. I was seeing the swimming pool nearby restaurant.

Gosh, the pool depth is 2m, my favorite depth. I’m not prepared else will sure jump into the pool.

2m depthI didn’t expect such a luxury to have such depth

Checking out the rate …  we took table tennis

Gym cornerno fancy about it

Table tennis workouthas a good time

5.30pm …

The best time to get prepared. Girl’s power unleashed. A quick snap of moment, everything was on the table. Yo!

Get preparedso nice, so hungry

All kind of ballschoose all you want

6.30pm …

Dinner started.

Mixed pottomyam flavour

8.30pm …

The most awaiting event of the night is here. Our X’Change Gift has just begun. Let’s roll on. Organizer gave a short speech before get started. Numbers were given to the gift we brought in. Each of us has to contribute one gift worth RM15-20 with receipt as proof.

Started with first ballotexciting

So mysteriousMr TKT, all paper are same

Infamous Dansan with his lucky number

With his lucky partnermaking the ballot

WMK was asking his presentplease give me now

Final ballotsleft ONE big ONE small gift

All satisfied with their giftbetter than before

Our event was a full of laughter and teaser. The gift organizer made it simple this year. Just stand aside and watch us.

No more BIG JOKE this year. All looks serious and mature, with all kind of mature gift. Haha. I don’t see any chocolate, photo album or mug this year. Good job. All gifts exchange this year was good quality!

9.30pm …

Time to beat our own gang. Time to show how to be simple with a pack of UNO cards.

12.00am …

A surprise birthday cake for our birthday boy at sharp past 12 o’clock. I’m unsure whether it’s a surprise but definitely he wasn’t expecting in such way. This fellow considered lucky to have us celebrating him at every gathering, coincidentally fall during year end period.

Dubbed as Supermanbecause he flew so many places in one day

12.30am …

Continue with our poker card as usual, with some betting on it. The real winner of course the ONE who distribute the cards. Not enough with the events, they all decided to go out for a drink at Gohtong Jaya. A cool night sip across our night soul.

The next day … 9.00am

We woke up and had a lighter breakfast (left over from yesterday but still fresh) from yesterday’s food.

Noodles and meehoonour main ingredient for breakfast

Check-out Selesa Hill Resortview from highway

After having simple breakfast, all of us departed to KL. Thank you everyone for making this trip successful. See you all again in next year gathering.

Bye Bye.