Semenyih Dam has one of the most breathtaking sights in the country and is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It also supplies a major portion of drinking water to the Klang Valley population. Semenyih Dam also has become popular with angling enthusiasts, especially on weekends.

Semenyih Dam

22 Aug 2010

I was pulled along for outdoor shooting one of the weekend at the location of Hulu Langat. I was astound to see the lovely lake surrounded by green forested hills. On that day, we could see the reflection of the lovely hills.

Our first stop was at road side where we get down to the side lake for view. Normally the place is used for people to camp and fishing. Car is accessible but uneven road and muddy state.

Accessible roadthe common area

Reflection of the hillsmarvelous

Camping siteclean water but dirty surface

By continue to explore every piece of possible man-made path, we managed to find a fishing area. This secluded area is only accessible by an overgrown path not visible from outside. In fact, the place is blocked from vehicle coming in for quite some time, but human can still walk into the area without any problem.

Private property areanon visitor area but we crossed

Gated not able to cross

Closer to the dam the best view I could ever witness today

It’s also my first attempt on insect and flower using my kit lens. The result is average. It could be better with macro lens. How can I dream of that?

Average close up macro shootjust try up the result

Came across the villageI guess nothing special

We drove further to see what else interesting nearby and we found a small waterfall from road side view. Yea, we got down and check it out. In fact, there are a bigger waterfall up there where we have to trek through the jungle. Due to unprepared, we didn’t do that.

Stop at side roadunder a truly HOT sun to take a look at mini waterfall

We drove back to KL after satisfied with our photo-shooting session. That’s how we called it a day!