It was merely a round tour, for us to give a glimpse at Sekeping Serendah Retreat with green architecture that embraces nature as part of it.

Sekeping Serendah Retreat

16 October 2010

Located at Serendah vicinity, deep into the jungle, for about an hour from KL, there is lies a wonderful retreat far from city. The beauty concept of this architecture promoting a transparency to the nature with withholding a strong privacy desired.

You might have wondered how the concept works.

Indeed, it was concede as a private retreat with open sheds to beauty nature and concern surrounding. It’s actually bringing you closer to serenity of Mother Nature.

Our visit that day has opened our mind about open concept open shelter.

Welcoming entrance with limited car parkquiet and away from busy town

They have 5 sheds of accommodation, ranging from 2 glasses, 2 timbers and 2 muds. Visitors can opted for quiet environment in either one of this special shelter here. Each of them provides basic necessity under the roof while close to the nature.

Prices are in between RM300600 (depending on weekday/weekend/public holiday surcharges) with chosen type of shade. FYI, glass is most expensive while mud is the cheapest.

The very first architecture that represent Sekeping Serendah when comes to advertising illustration is Glass Shed, a true innovative two-storey building that made completely of glass and galvanized iron with revolutionary disappearing walls. How amazing.

GPS devices with these coordinates*: N3.368050, E101.631150

It’s unbelievable that you’re able to hide behind here with exception a small conceal area under the open roof toilet/bathroom.

Tree shadesthe tropical flavor in front of us

Connecting bridgeto the first Glass Shed retreat

Environmentally friendly concept loves the green effort

No internal supporting wallwith foldable glass walls

Bath with natural lightin the dim jungle

Staircase to next levelhigher ground of impenetrable equatorial forest

Jungle coolness sip in all the timeminimizing the need of air-conditioning

Kitchen at ground floorblend nicely

Good ventilationallows jungle breeze to flow in

Barbecue pitoutside on the iron deck

The subsequent popular shed is Timber Shed. The location from one to another is required few minutes’ walk. The appeal of this sheds lies in its wooden planks.

Stair up direction on stone landscapingtraditionally built shed

Spacious kitchenmore than enough to hold a gathering here



Clean and coolingeven in the under the hot afternoon weather

Outdoor showerblended with green landscape

Outside viewno secret from here…lol

Another timber shednear the main entrance

Timber shed living roomsofas for group to hang around

Recycled itemsform a unique combination

Large and convenient room for4 paxtime honored with classic

Open concept bathroom for timber shedare you open enough to use this?

Toilet flushone inside, one outside, in two separated bathroom

Open showerreally admire this

Take a peek at your neighbor toiletjust to say Hi

In opposite with all above, mud sheds provides the least openness concept. Most part included bathroom are covered, but left a little bit of light to shine in. The appeal of this shed is interior house design.

The two sheds are constructed from mud with a little cement added in. With white walls that are uneven in texture thanks to the mud, they exude an almost surreal yet homely ambiance that reminds one of quaint little cottages in Europe.

Room 1with additional two beds on left side

Room 2just opposite the Room 1 connected with kitchen

Showerbetter privacy of shower area

Toiletcomplete with stone sink and flushing toilet

There are swimming pool shared by all sheds and the water source is from natural stream. No chlorine or any chemical used in the pool water, so you can stay fresh as nature as provided.

Dining area enjoy a poolside barbecue at night

By choose to stay overnight here, you can experience a life without Internet, TV, radio or even phone signal. All you get are sound of gurgling water and frog barking. Well, as a human, you only need to eat, drink, laugh, talk and sleep only, in a peace of mind and surrounding.

Anyway, just come and treat yourselves a relaxing afternoons and evenings just lazing around, going on short jungle trekking excursions, or simply taking a refreshing dip in the pool. After all, you are here to unwind and refresh!