Indeed, it was a special day marked on 20.08.10. It happens once a year. I hold this important date without her knowledge. The weeknight was hold upon for us only. Why I had chosen Pavilion? Let you guess a guess …

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Pavilion

20 August 2010

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, yet another franchise eatery similar to Hong Kong style that I choose to get acquainted with. Stepping in for early dinner proved to be better because the crowd has yet kicking in.

Thankfully, we secured a good place facing outside view. The restaurant was average-lit and well-ventilated with blaring air-conditioners. The restaurant have few type of table which some tables are noticeably placed closer to each other. Side glass wall table usually best for couple.

For birthday patron, we got to enjoy the whole bucket of Ice Tea or Yin Yong Nai Cha which was too big for us. Too qualified for this you have to meet the certain criteria. I didn’t order the big meal or their signature cheese baked rice, just ordinary meal suit to our appetite that night.

Here is our big bucket of Ice Tea, enough to fit for 3-4 pax was free of charge. We got order our own drinks some more. Just remember to meet the criteria listed below.

  1. Minimum spending RM30 and above for the entitlement
  2. Valid through 3 days before or after birthday
  3. Must present I/C for proof

Birthday Giant Milk Teaan ultimate size Milk Tea for FREE

A birthday card and small gift from her colleagues

A small portion of cakeher favorite flavor

A special gift on the neckfrom me

Excessive matching ambiance of the daymade our day

The service that night was quite good. Two people were serving us in humble. As it was a fallen evening, not many people around. We enjoy the moment without much disturbance from nearby.

After all, a good dining experience there.