Here is a simple farewell event @ Sakae Sushi after few months of silent. A friend of ex-colleague has become my ex-colleague so sudden and this few months have been a fruitful months for us.

The Moment to Remember

14 Oct 2010

What is the reason behind this? Because we joined in a same school called S.R.J.K (C) H0ng Le0ng. She came to school punctual, went out for lunch sharp-sharp after bell ringing and back on time. She always listened to teacher speech and when she naughty, she get scolded. And all these while, she was patiently wait for her turn to graduate soon.

Her most proud accomplishment was established the Gossip Club and become as President called Mz Taofu Mui. We have only 3 members to support the club when we lunch together. She called herself as Taofu Mui because she has a family called Taofu Clan in her department. They are Taofu Mug, Taofu Fah, Taofu Mah and so on.

She later abolished her Gossip Club after I graduated earlier than her. Her note from her heart:

This smart guy name Dexter.

He is the first person left the gossip club, naughty boy.

But, he always give a lot of funny speech to me.

A very active guy who like trekking.

Thumb up, Dexter.

Thanks to be my friend

Thanks god we had changed as colleague in short of periods ^.*

After month later, she announced to us that she is going to graduate soon. As she wished, her last wish was fully granted by Taofu Family. They’ll let and sign the graduation paper for Taofu Mui.

Congrats. The day of 14.10.10 marked in your calendar as special day for graduation.

Happy-doveysparkling face

Let’s see what so special of our Taofu Mui. She is very cheerful person and she doesn’t look at her age.

She don’t believe in love because she’d been hurt enough. Therefore, her principle is to work hard and play hard to enjoy her life fully ^.*

Her opinion to her ex-school.

I’m a legitimate student even though I never attended orientation.

Embark to a new journeyleft us all behind the graduation curtain

All the best in new undertaking.