Waterfall has been always been my second choice of day trip. No matter how nice the waterfall is, I rather go for mountain or jungle but occasionally I was thinking of dipping into water after a long hike. But it’s not the case for Serendah Waterfall trip done by me lately.

Serendah Waterfall

16 October 2010

It’s my second trip outing with My Travel Kaki Dot Com. But I did really enjoy their trip itinerary where every one of us never been here before. We did a recce instead.

A group of people who look strange to each other joined for a day trip mission. It was considered as 3-in-1 trip which consists of waterfall, private retreat and also seven well dam. The costs of this trip were only cover food and transportation, that’s it.

We met, we introduced, we drove all along to destination before called off our day was started as early as 8.00am.

Serendah Waterfall is located at Serendah vicinity. How to get to there? Just use the old trunk road to Rawang and pass by it. Turn to the right and cross along Orang Asli settlement. Follow the sign board and you’ll reach waterfall area after the metal bridge.

Metal bridgethe destination

Car park is available for FREE. First waterfall can be sighted from the car park. This area was developed into kind of playground and shower facilities which I felt spoils the nature. I don’t feel anything back to the nature.

Facilities playgroundnot fancy anything here

Facilities availablebut not well maintained

Ground levelquite shallow and not deep

Since I’m not enlightened with any infrastructure here because I’m simply an explorer, I prefer further into waterfall area. Our group walked and moved into the nature and started our waterfall rock hiking. It was kinda slippery and need to be cautious all the time.

First river crossingjust a warm up

Crossing zig-zagbecome more challenging

Rocky scene started to look amazingfurther up for better view

Nice stream of watermore to come if you go higher

Steep pathreal challenging

Rough stream of water … too rough to relax here

Never ending hikehave to settle at one place

But need to settle up soonstill looking for decent place

Yo! cooling off time

Spotted amazing red centipedeabsolute poison type

Try making a u-turnafter found himself at the end

Getting into the rotten trunkhis home

Nothing than having fun with ourselves at one place for about an hour before we called off our day at Serendah Waterfall.

Yet another waterfall trip for me. I’ll be back as an organizer next time.