My first hike to Gunung Bunga Buah (1,430m), is a place that I never heard before until my hiking buddy told me. I was so eager to explore it until the opportunity came to me via My Travel Kaki Dot Com. It’s my first travel with this group.

With its tagline, Be a Traveller, Not A Tourist, the organizer organize trip to places in the country and also within the region all the time… almost every weekend and holiday there will be places to visit… places that sometimes never heard before by the general public.

Gunung Bunga Buah @ Genting Highlands

09 October 2010

Located at Genting Highlands, it’s one of the nearest mountain from KL that required up to 3-4 hours hike up. We gathered along MRR2 before continue our journey to Gohtong Jaya. Hikers normally spend a night at the summit to have a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful city in the world at night.

Gunung Bunga Buah enable hikers to experience the Malaysian rich and most natural rain-forest. The name suggested Fruit Flower, hence bringing a lot of colorful flora as a delight.

We parked our car along the road behind Gohtong Jaya shop houses. This place is a private property, so we have to behave and respect their place. With great enthusiasm, we started our challenge with steep ascending slope.  It was slippery and took us about 20 minutes to reach tarred road. Our little hard work was rewarded with breezy air and nice scene of Genting Hotels hovering in clouds.

Rest on tar roadafter steep hiking

Spooky roadhardly can imagine

With big relief, we continue walking on the tarred road for another 10 min before entered an overgrown trail dangling with fallen bamboo and trees. Those plant stem are sticking out all the way from head to toe when crossing, causing major of my skin get scratches. The path we were crossing in fact was a road to Genting Highlands in the past.

Notably the road was so narrow, it’s only able to cater one way up and down. No wonder there were so many accidents happened on this road. Spookiness doesn’t appeared to me, as I see the path as hiking path instead of spooky old road. God bless the unrest soul if the case.

Overgrown tree and plantblocking our way

We stopped occasionally during the period, thanks to itchiness caused by leeches on our body vicinity and curiosity to spot check. Terrible. Although most of us were not the first time, however, many came for a purpose of training for Mount Kinabalu.

At some point, we crossed over the fallen tree trunks. Part of this trail were overgrown like never existed. Luckily our organizer brought his parang to chop off and our way is much easier.

King of the roadleeches

Not long after walking on the flat road, we reached the Rocky Garden. We felt the breezy wind blowing softly.

Awesome viewthinking of rock climbing?

There was another long trail tarred road before reached our real starting point, means our real trekking is just started. We came across the downward, but it’s sign that we have to trek all the way up when we get back. It’s much tougher on such situation.

Entrance to the jungleour starting point

Around an hour plus, we reached the rocky ridge finally. It’s most beautiful part since from the starting point. After this, we still have 45 min trekking to go. We reached the summit at 1.30pm. It was a nice hike as the air was cooling and fresh, surrounded by jungle with its orchestra, many birds, wild flowers and butterflies.

Steepness is varyconsistent all the way up and down

Mossy like a carpet

Going down to valleyup to the other side

Monitor lizardnot common for me to spot it

Do not cross?just ignore, just for display only

Close up shot plantflowers everywhere

Tiny pitcher plantfirst ever for me

Breath-taking viewon rocky ridge

Spotted unusual huge spiderit’s DEAD anyway

Lunch timeeveryone rest for a while

Mossy forestlooks dry

Beirut mark the peak!

Not a good shelterfor rain

Hiking is funespecially on this challenging trek

Victory completed at last (average 8 hours)

By getting to know My TravelKaki Dot Com, it was indeed a new great experience for me. I can know more friends and go more places.

It took us 3 hours to climb down from the summit to the starting point. Our up and down hike again lasted for 2 hours has actually enhanced our technicality of our legs to withstand the stepping pressure.

We touched base the Rocky Garden (flat road) and proceeded to Gohtong Jaya (end point) with an excitement and relief because of another completed mission. I put a cross mark on the list. Bravo GBB.