Having a BBQ session by the seaside was always my desirable mission all the time. Not mentioning about the windy effect but also the relaxing mind eating under the sound of waves. I’d my recent outing @ Bagan Lalang also known as Sepang Gold Coast. The environment was very fun and enjoyable.

BBQ @ Sepang Gold Coast (Bagan Lalang)

7 August 2010

I was merely a joiner because I’m not an organizer. It was a friend’s hometown at Bagan Lalang who wanted to make an outing nearby the beach. About 4 km journey from her house. Things went smooth for technical matter except timing was a bit late than planned.

Tell you what, it’s very fun to do BBQ session on the beach especially at night. Trust me because I like it so much. From now on, no more BBQ at outside house. All must go to nature places. LOL.

By the way, camera always not functioning well at night. Pardon on the limited pictures taken here. Just enjoy!

We only kicked off to Bagan Lalang at 2.00pm. It was consider late but who know we reached on time via KL-Seremban highway, exit at Nilai interchange. Thanks to my Papago GPS, I’m able to follow the correct road.

Single storey bungalowturns into guest house temporarily

We immediately checking-in to this bungalow house. We helped to move things and packed it nicely. Around 7.30pm, we only moved to Bagan Lalang at approximately 4km from our house. It’s very nearby. We stopped at our preferred destination to build our BBQ stove. Yes, we were among the earliest there. A lot of empty spaces yet to be fill by BBQ patron.

Team worklive up the fire

An hour laterthe fire stove is finally setup

Under the BBQ grilllooks hot, feel hot, taste hot

Patiently waitvery focus

Waiting anxiouslywith growling stomach

We chit-chat all the night. Even though I mixed up with them not too frequent, we however glad to know each other this round. Who know in next outing, they’ll put me in the loop?

At the end of the session, they put a surprise on birthday wish to Mei Ching and Lily with a birthday cake.

Birthday cakefor two princesses

Well, we packed our things and get back to our accommodation at late night. I’m so glad to choose staying there due to tiredness struck on my whole body. The best part is I could enjoy the home-stay environment which I love the most.

We were serving a nice breakfast in the next morning. A full-filling breakfast before we headed to Bagan Lalang beach for a photo-shoot.

Buffet breakfast home-made delicacies

Beach viewThe Golden Palm Tree view

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Goodbye and glad to have a wonderful BBQ outing with you all.