Well, you must be wondering something. Yes, it was a backdated post which I almost forgotten. A humble, low, minor, modest but sizeable ah-Lun was celebrating her very own birthday cum farewell dinner. It was a remarkable dinner where everyone tried to make it long lasting in memory, at least with her.

Lun Lun (Farewell + Birthday) Dinner

16 April 2010

Good or not, it was come so sudden. She moved out from KL and report at Lion city to work. A short notice given to insignificant gangs while her Asstero Gang was a way earlier informed. No doubt, things that come last minutes was always be messy. At least with us. LOL.

We had a dinner at PJ Seafood restaurant @ Tropicana. This place wasn’t that impressive after all.

Enjoy the pictures below.

With ah-Tclose companion at once

With ah-Penclose to heart at once

Later after the dinner, some of us suggested to have second round of drink. We went to Sunway Damansara Wong Kok cafe for a chill out.

Enjoy the ambiance and pictures below.

Privacy and quietbut we made a big noise here

Lighting a good one

With Gossip Clubah-Pen & ah-T

Selling pointbirthday bucket of Yin Yong drink (Teh Ice)

Happy ah-Lunthrough a hole

Now, 5 months have passed. She still came back to meet us occasionally for some event and badminton. Later or soon, everyone have their own way themselves. Let’s enjoy while we can. Tata.

Enjoy your life there.