Bukit Kutu is stand 1100m/3600ft height and located at Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor. Someone say it’s a mountain, but it’s more known as hill. It took roughly 3-4 hours to the peak. Before that, we have to cross a much trodden trek. Believe me. Only 4WD is suitable to use such road.

An expedition to Bukit Kutu

15 August 2010

One shall not underestimates the toughness of Gunung Kutu | Bukit Kutu. It wasn’t an easy hike for me so far, run off my combatant spirit and left my joint pain all the way down. Overall, it was not an easy climb at all. Steep terrain is one issue, stamina is another one.

One has to obey with time limit given to reach the top. Ascend and descend need some estimation hour before the sky dark, similar to Mount Nuang which required 12 hours average. I purposely bought a new 40L hiking bag to show my enthusiasm.

Leeches are well known to be king of the trek. Hardly anybody come out without any bite from them. I got 3 bites on my legs, 1 bite under my pant.

I joined this hiking by invitation and glad to be part of it to explore a new place. I woke up as early as 5.00am to catch up with 6.30am group meeting point in Bangsar. We proceed straight to Kubu Bahru by using old trunk road towards Rawang. We passed by Selangor Dam and decided to stop for a while.

Quiet roadleading to our destination

Selangor Damone of the most breath-taking views for photographer

At 8.00am, we crossed the dirt road after turn into Kg Pertak direction. Further road is not accessible by normal car, but more suitable for 4WD. We parked our car at the side road. The place where we parked our car, we could hear the sound of river water splashing to the rock.

Getting readyour car park on side road

Peoples just love stretching while some were doing warm exercise before starting the challenges. About 20 minutes staying around, all started to walk to the first suspension bridge for our first group picture.

I lost count on how many of us because the organizer, Alvin merged few groups together. All of us managed to reach the summit of Bukit Kutu as what he expected from an experienced group of hikers. He rather not advised for first timer to try on this trek because of the toughness expected.

First metal suspension bridgemarked our starting point

Along the way, we saw many fruit trees. And spotted a vehicle collecting durians from orchard. Orang Asli is the origin of this settlement and they depend on fruits on their livelihood.

Durian ready to deliver out from orchards

There are two metals suspension bridges to cross. The second bridge has collapsed halfway, much probably to strong current of the river. It has become very challenging to seek for a balance. Not far from there, we have to cross a river streams about 2 feet deep. It could be hazard if on raining day.

Fallen bridgenew experience to this

Trodden trekworst I ever encountered

River crossingwould you rather wet or stay dry?

The trek can be misleading due to fallen tree/bamboo along the way and there are few trails leading up to the peak. One have to be careful on the path should take. Unless you’re familiar with the trek and have advice from the experienced hiker. The steepness is varying but not many. You still can manage your time by taking pictures and catch with front group hikers if you left behind.

Also a territory of pacat (leech) waiting to bite when you step nearby them. They’re fast to stuck on your shoes and climb up to your calves or legs. Some peoples will easily bitten while I had put some salt water on my whole leg, thus lesser the possibility of them interested to my salty taste. My dripping sweat in fact also a contribution to kick off those leeches.

Confusing pathboth also leading to the peak, difficulties may vary

Bamboo plant along the waysome were fallen and blocked our path

Our path was partially tough with uncertainty path along the way. Luckily we have a good navigator with us in front. It was continuous up direction like Nuang trail, seem to be endless.

Steep trailI would say to enjoy it rather than looking for the end of it

After few hours, we were reached at the point of where big boulder stand huge and the size are simply amazing. This popular rest and shelter area is called C5. We rested for a while and consumed some energy source. Not forgotten pictures taking on a very fantastic huge boulder here.

Continuous efforteven though long to go

Simply amazing bouldera place to rest from rainfall

Vegetation parasites on the rock

I started to develop a knee joint pain which was a bad sign after all. There were still a long route and hour I need to go. Whether I like or not, as I continue to the steep route, the pressure on my knee made it worse. Hence, I was slower than usual. I wasn’t expected to be like this way. Without any help, I started to lost sight of peoples in front of me.

However, they were some markings and signs on trees showing the right path. The final push required a lot of energy and motivation. Physiology control is a must.

At last, I touch base on the top hill. I was put a big relief knowing I’m reached finally. Even with great pain, I foresee myself become a burden later during descending part. My group was touch base the peak much earlier and they’d started their lunch meal. We have ample of time chit-chat around and sharing our great food.

Carpet layoffcomfortably sitting but risk having leech into your pant

The British Hill station used to be here once upon a time, now only left the chimney. The surrounding was overgrown by thick grass. From here, we hardly see any view. A small hill behind our rest area is known as real peak. Only up to 5 peoples can be at the same time. The view is 360 degrees without any blocking. Anyone with height phobia should resist from standing on the top for too long.

Chimney … the only left from previous infrastructure

Another small hikeleads to a real peak

Highest pointonly can be reach by stair

The weather was just not in our way. It started to get windy and cloudy. We quickly finished up our meal and photo shooting. We left from the peak in rush due to heavy raining. It never cross my mind that I would caught in such heavy rain with water flowing like river from the path. Although it was very slippery, I have to walk slow and simply too slow to left behind at least one hour behind the majority.

To round up my experience, I have to say that Bukit Kutu is a tough place to hike with leeches infected trail and confusing treks.  One has to be really prepared or have been to other tough mountain like Nuang Mountain to be comfortable with the toughness and challenges. I’d my most painful experiences due to unfortunate injury, will definitely conquer again to prove to myself to complete it with no hardship.

I vow myself not to bow to difficulties but more into perfection to myself. Well, it happened 3 years ago on my Nuang failure attempt which I done it perfectly in 13 hours time recently, so no exception to Kutu mission. I’ll be back with better preparation.