Ever since I joined HL8 10 months ago, I was put in a situation where I could able to fully enjoy with Sport & Club activities. This club was revived back after few months and organized quite some events since then.

I.S.A Plus Club 2010

I.S.A Club is considering as an active club with self-funding through participation fees. I’m part of the committee member which carries a title called Auditor but it doesn’t justify my role there. The only significant role is between is President and non-president post. That’s it.

This club had brought me the whole new experience in organizing activities. We have come out a whole year plan to be carried out and we do meet up for every quarter to discuss about arrangement and rules.

In Q1, we have Green Day, in conjunction with Earth Day. We collected old paper, bottle & can from office to recycle and increase our fund. It’s called REuse, REduce, & REcycle,

There goes with Go-Kart Championship @ Batu Tiga, Shah Alam. I’m not involved.

I.S.A Go-Kart 2010
Venue : Go-kart Circuit Shah Alam
Time : 9am – 10am
Date : 23 January, 2010

My first participation was Bowling Championship held at BTS and it was a huge support from the department. We have about 30 players. Competition was quite stiff and my team was not able to clinch even a medal.

I.S.A Super Bowl 2010
Venue : Berjaya Times Square
Time : 7pm – 10pm
Date : 4 February, 2010

Other than outdoor activity, we have a Birthday Bash party every quarter. In Mar, we have CNY Open House Party. Everyone have to wear red.

By late of the month, we organized a Jogathon @ KLCC jogging park. It was held after office hour, means everyone has to gather at the park after 6pm. I didn’t involve as it fall on my birthday date.

I.S.A Beat the Clock Challenge 2010
Venue : KLCC Park
Time : 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Date : 23 April, 2010

In early April, I was assigned to be the co-organizer for the badminton tournament. It’s called Super Series Tournament and I did it very well. I’m the one who sole organizer from paperwork to physical arrangement. All I did was segregate some job to my committee member to help along. Indeed, this was what I felt proud of myself for being able to run an event for 20+ players.

I.S.A Super Series Tournament 2010
Venue : The Challenger Centre
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Date : 27 March, 2010

After a successful event, the following was Futsal. It was organized by those experienced players and we held it at Taman Cuepacs Centre. I wasn’t participate because  no place for me. Instead, I was just helped taking photograph around.

I.S.A Agong Cup 2010
Venue : The Challenger Centre
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Date : 5 June, 2010

Following the month, we have swimming competition called Sh@rk Swim Cha11enge. This might be the lowest participation event after all, with 10 peoples competing for 3 top placing. I was able to secure No.2 in single 100m Men and No.3 in Team 4x50m. Guess? I got 2 medals in my first ever competition. Hehe.

I.S.A Sh@rk Swim 2010
Venue : Condo Swim Pool
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Date : 10 July, 2010

Swimmers participatinga small group anyway

CS Team … winning bronze in team event

The following event below was my last event with the Club. A basketball event. I’m leaving this company indefinitely. I’d resigned from my committee post and all related positions.

I.S.A H0tsh0ts Challenge 2010
Venue : Sg Buloh
Time : 9.30am – 12.30pm
Date : 7 Aug, 2010

All teams representinga large group with few hot shooters.

Winning team (Champion)I’m proud to be part of it

Endless saythank you President the great opportunities and guidance

Well, bye to I.S.A Club. You will be my memories forever.