Gunung Nuang (Mount Nuang – 1493 m | 4898 ft) is the highest mountain in Selangor. The mount draws through 3 states of Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang. There are three ways to the top, in which I took the route from Hulu Langat, Lembah Pangsoon.

Gunung Nuang @ Hulu Langat

31 July 2010

A second attempt to Gunung Nuang has proven to be successful. Can you believe it? Yes. My first attempt 3 years ago was stuck at Kem Lolo. I developed a phobia and refused to climb this mountain after that. Only after I successfully completed Mount KK and Mulu Pinnacles, I was confident enough to accept the challenge and I vowed to overcome this phobia.

Gunung Nuang is touted as very difficult mountain by many hikers. No doubt is a good to train for Gunung Kinabalu and Gunung Tahan. Our expedition took about 13 hours in total with 4 hours reach to the top from base.

I followed my hiking guru, Alvin (which he had completed many mountains locally) to conquer Gunung Nuang. He guided a group of people and we exchanged hill-hiking information and experiences.

The entrance in few years back wasn’t as beautiful as today.

Welcome to Gunung Nuangthe highest peak in Selangor

My preparation was quite good. I packed two 1.5L of isotonic drink, a lunch pack, some breads and two eggs. I took my hiking pole together to reduce tense on my legs. I wore a light wear and appropriate hiking shoes (Kampung Adidas).

We started our Nuang challenges very early, that was 5.40am after get registered. We walked in the dark. There were 7 of us in a group. Our mission was moving forward as soon as possible with consistent speed. None of us left too far behind. Alvin did left some paper trail for us to follow him.

The first part of the trail was fairly easy, with just walking up and down on stony route. Due to sky still dark, we used headlamp to light up our trek. This route was known as Never Ending Road, which took me 1 hour 8 min to complete and reached the first base.

Before reaching the base, there were 3 huts for hikers to rest in between, to ease the feel of Never Ending Road effect.

Blue rooftop hutthe last before start hiking trail

At 6.50am, we reached the base. The real challenge was going to start. I told myself to go all the way, all the passion and all the time motivated, no matter how tough it is.

Follow the trail and DO NOT cross the bridge or river at this point. Use the left trail until you met the pipeline and small water reservoir as at below pictures.

Old rusty and luckily not stinky

Shallow water leveleasy job to cross over

Hikers normally focus on hiking, photographer focus on photography … what if hikers cum photographer pose to be? Photo-hikers? LOL.

Yes, I’m a photo-hiker of myself. I took photos along the way, no matter how dangerous and weird position, I’m bound to take photo not only for scenery but progression of hiking path. Natures are bound to be my subject, but I’m more to capture the signboard and how the path leading to destination.

Just half an hour, we reached Kem Lolo (Camp Lolo). Hikers normally spend a night here after a long hiking and will continue in the next morning. Some more, the water resources is available just nearby only.

Camp Lolopopular for camping

Waterfall sighted at Camp Lolo! I imagined how great if I can soak into water. I almost sweat 100%. Due to cold weather, I just forget my intention.

Since we have no intention to stay at Camp Lolo, we decided to pick up our energy to Kem Pacat (Camp Pacat). The grueling journey starts from here, with muddy steep terrain and endless of the route in 2 hours. Thanks God, it wasn’t any rain and good weather all day. If not, the journey shall turn into very slippery and terrible tough. Hard to imagine.

Energy drainsuch condition requires cautious mind

Small leeches spottedtoo tiny to spot in picture

Almost reachCamp Pacat

We stopped at Kem Pacat (Camp Pacat) to have our light meal before continue to Kem Pengasih (Camp Pengasih). If you thought Camp Pacat is full of leeches, you were wrong. There were a lot of bees. However, it was lucky enough that we were NOT meeting any one of them, included leeches. Weird!

Camp Pacat was another place to build a camp, but not that favorable compare to Camp Lolo. However due to huge spaces available, camping was possible here.

Another camping areabetter but no water resources

Tree iconalmost every hiker should recognize this

Having light mealnice camping area

Ants kingdomone leg kick, it’s done LOL

Train crossingmillipede spotted

The journey to Camp Pengasih (known as false peak) was the toughest with almost 90 degrees steep hiking in about one and half hour later. The final push to the summit is one hour from Camp Pengasih. Not going to stay long here, we proceeded with our climb to Camp Pengasih.

Toughness started to feel rooty path

Steep pathblocked by flying roots

Camp Pengasihtook one hour to reach

Mossy forestcold air

The remaining times taken along the route were the motivator for me to go up consistently. With full of energy back again, I advanced with confident mind. Mount Nuang peak is just not far away from me.

Border between statesPahang and Selangor

Oh no!muddy trap

Climbing at big leap of 1.5m from the ground

Finally, we placed our foot on top land of Gunung Nuang. We were the first group to arrive, hence, we occupied the Beirut as our resting base. There was nothing can see from the peak due to overgrown trees around. We only able to enjoy the view nearby and the view were stunning. We have our lunch pack here at Nuang Summit.

Early bird went to feed the squirrels

Beirut as shelter from hot sun

Cooking utensilprepare our lunch

New friendsChuah & Michelle

The squirrels were seen loitering around waiting us to feed them. They were not even scare of us.

They were eating our foodwafer

Look cute and adorabletotal five of them

It was a bit sad to see rubbish everywhere. Those uncivilized hikers should understand the importance of keeping the hill clean because those rubbish will stay on the hill forever and wouldn’t decomposed easily. This will create an eye sore to the hill and other hikers.

Michelle pro-photographer

View from the Nuang summitso high!

Group picturebefore getting down to base

After spent 2 hours on top taking pictures, we made our descending back to camp in few hours.

Descending was about much easier that day due to dry ground and non-slippery. I managed to escape from any falling. After Camp Pacat check-point, I descended very fast, hop off and accelerating my steps. My mind was all about getting to the waterfall ASAP.

Although clear path sightedit got blocked by roots in between

Descending very fasthop off most of the time

Thorny plantno idea

Fallen bamboo treesincrease the cautious

Once I touched base at Camp Lolo, I was very excited to dip and cold down myself in waterfall pool.

I really took my sweet time in the river and waterfall. I took off my shirt and the water acted as pain reliever to my whole body. I spent another hour here. It was worth to hold my tiredness during descending in order to enjoy the reliever after that.

Alvin enjoy the water pressure

At 5.30pm, we continue to walk out from the jungle and we finally put a sigh relief when we saw the logger trail. It was no more hiking but a flat uneven trek.

I took about one hour walking through the Never Ending Road with endured the pain of my knees in last 30 minutes. My last 5 minutes, I was poured with heavy rain before touched base the exit.

Walking in such trailfor an hour plus on average speed

We were so lucky that our hiking trip turned to be quite smooth and completed without much hurdle. My challenge was ended at 6.50pm.

Designated washroomFREE to use

I left Gunung Nuang with full of memories. If I decided to give another try again, I shall choose to camp for one night there at Camp Lolo and go for final push in very early the next day.

I promised to be better preparation and of course as a guide leading a group.