It was a breezy morning. My second time of becoming brother cum volunteer photographer. As my first time was rather passive, my second appointment was a bit initiative.

Chet Meng & Yean Cheen Wedding Day


The starting place was from Taman Muda to PJ Old Town via OUG road. At 7.45am, we flagged off. Around 8.10am, we reached the bridesmaids house.

As expected, they’re still not ready and preparing … we didn’t bother and chit-chat outside. Light food was served. We eat first while waiting.

Around 20 minutes later, the firecracker was light up … PI POP PI POP … BANG!

Firecrackergetting read to burn

The youngest guy from the family came out to ‘open’ the door and welcome the groom. And the game started …

Door opener  … must youngest and not married

Various snacksyummy and delicious

It held inside the house. First round was the easiest, I was push in to the front. Haha. Completed in a matter of minutes.

Second round was a bit hilarious. They need five brothers to wear the banana on their waist. Another 5 of them need to use their mouth to bite it. Haha.

Bite my banana please  I’m ready

Subsequent games are as followingeasy peasy

We marched further up to second floorperforming more acts

When the times was up, we finally managed to storm into the bridesmaids room and voila … a big KISS from the groom.

Multiple camera lens pointingfor one golden kiss

As usualtea ceremony held after normal prayer ritual

The event ended after moving back to groom’s house and repeating the same ritual. Our brothers had done a good job.

Wish the new bride and groom forever stay in happiness.