As a person who loves nature, I also sometimes caught myself obsessed with small creatures found in nature. Therefore, I decided to get some exposure to the wild beast in the zoological park.

Zoo Negara (National Zoo)

June 2010

My recent visit to Zoo Negara proved that I’m also concern about the nature inhabitant but definitely not animal fanatic.

As early as 9.00am, me and DarkOne were up to the entrance after having breakfast at Tesco Ampang. Both of us were excited about this visit to remind us of our memories. Although it’s a pleasant trip, the cost of entrance fees is not cheap, RM25 (included insect & butterfly park). Car park fee is RM4.20.

We decided to explore each corner of the Zoo to fully utilize our entrance fees. The park is not that big, however, it’s enough for typical family to spend a day there.

Having a glancemap of Zoo Negara Park

We moved quite steady from section to section. We walked around and stopped at each cages for view and some close shots. The luck wasn’t simply with us with those animals either hiding somewhere else or still sleeping. Most of them are so passive and lazy even we all try to interfere them, they gave no damn to us.

I know they’re sad because they lived in concrete floor and small area where they suppose to run around in the wild. Maybe having them here can protect their species and treat them better. I mean live in luxury. Why not? Well, they just look unhappy when we encountered them. Sigh!

As long as we entered the park, we saw an empty tram which already booked by VIP. That’s mean we have no choice but to walk. I’m fine since my initial purpose is walk around and visits each of our friends.

Empty tramfully booked by VIP

Our 3 hours plus visits have rewarded us some new experiences for me … at least not as toddler anymore. Freedom is here to stay with me. I can walk and stop wherever I want. No halt at halfway or rest in between. Really enjoy a small group with only 2 of us walking around.

Giraffe remains what they’re more than few decades

Open parksafari style

ElephantsI guess most of them are young, so they can entertain visitors better

Emu just enjoy looking at them

Bird cageinside the cage and become part of their world

Feed themI guess toddlers are enjoying this, definitely not me

Hog deerbut is called Rusa Babi, how weird?

Tapirthe ant eater

Oh Malayan Tigerboring maybe or simply not give a damn face to us

Early morningwalk freely without human traffic exist, lol

Leopard not the one we normally saw on the road side (giant soft toy)

Puma simply do not bother our existence

Alert I guess someone must have gone into without permission, that’s why

More park & kingdom visitthe last area and farthest in the Zoo

Savannah Park … looks like Jurassic Park, a park with dinosaur replicas

Ankole Cattle look interesting

Sign of no interferenceno use, they’re simply too passive

Source of milk the one sit there is really a darkie

Quite and simply nothinghowever, we spotted it, do you? It’s black

How we could we reach that?LOL

Good newsour friend is very interested to see what it does offer, we think the same person to occupy the space, LOL

Mammal Kingdoma small place housing some uninteresting mammal (for me lar)

Dulan facenot even bother us

Most adorable animal in the zoo just simply our love icon for our past due

I guess the most freedom place in zoomixed around, hope no fight of each other

White Rhinogenerally sponsor by Tractors company, guess represent the strong icon

Fine weathermeans it’s hot and dry

Reptilian worldmy non-favour place

Beautiful decorated toiletan opposite of typical Malaysian toilet, not bad!

Ape Centrea place where at last someone is going to entertain us

Swinging orang utaneveryone amazed especially toddlers, I’m not

Aging must be respectedthe reason he got everyone throw him all the bananas, lol

Our long lost friendso glad we found them (Ape)

Flamingo pondat least they know how to come back after flew outside the Zoo

Small kangaroo look alikebut they don’t bother us also, guess we don’t have the food they need, lol

The World’s Bee Museumnot everything in the zoo gets my attention

Brown Beardoes it look like the one you had in your room?

Sun bearMalaysian’s teddy bear

Wild boarend up we saw an old wild boar, guess no one sponsor, late this cage have to close shop

Most of the animal I expected to see were found, except for the lion. Why? I guess they couldn’t risk of having the King of the Jungle (Lion King) here. Or else one roar will cause the anxiety among the inhabitants.

Insect & Butterfly Park

Well, it doesn’t amaze me much as I could get a better place for these in specialty of KL Butterfly Farm.

Small place housing various insectsdoesn’t amazed me at all

Mini butterfly parkonce you glance it, then you’re done

Big butterfly replicathe only thing that catch our attention

Flower source as their food

Two wormsreminded us our friends tagging to each other closely … oh gosh

Amphibian worldanother place for your research paper, quite informative

Crocodiles not bad but look so lazy

Tortoise simply get along just to entertain us, how pity!

Ultimate REASONmeets HIPPOPOTAMUS in real life

Most awaiting momentaiyo, want entertain us like this meh

When can you get up to show your naked body? Don’t shy shyI got one HiPPo here

HiPPo meets Hippopotamusa rare occasion to get this reunion

Wish not grantedHiPPo went back disappointed, only baby show a bit face

Animal Show

I wasn’t fascinated about the show because it’s merely to entertain children and I was getting enough of these in the past. I think I should get better show in somewhere else in Lion country, if you know what I mean.

After walking endlessly for hours and taking quite a number of pictures, we were tired, and so we decided to end our trip with pleasing mind.

Penguins swim actively under the water

Fish worldone of my favorite hangout

Nice landscape and well renovatednot bad overall plus informative

Children Worldhow come we end up in such place, haizz

Time to bid goodbye and see you maybe a decade later, if only you do not relocate.

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Personally, the National Zoo is falling behind those uprising animal keeper such as Taiping Zoo (Perak), Safari Park (Melaka) and Zoo Melaka. As being known as National Zoo (country owned), they have to keep up the expectation to compete with others. Else, will left behind and become insignificant for our future generation.