It was caught unaware, it has been first half year of 2010. My resolution still intact with my objective. I’ve yet to review my achievement on personal life, however, looking at my blog performance, things have turned out quite good and surprising.

18th months of DeXXy.Net

June 2010

Starting a blog is pretty easy. Maintaining is well time effort. But getting the result is what a worth and satisfying a the end. Hence my blog has bringing me to another level of satisfaction. Few posts would held accountable, but over 150 posts can say as impressive this moment.

My blog is 18 months old. Its ranking and traffic have climbed up gradually and hit out of my expectation. Let’s see the comparison chart for first and fifth months this year.

Statistic between Jan & June 2010

Jan 2010

June 2010

It shows the big hike in term of traffic and hits per day. I don’t know why, but I’m sure many of my blog pictures end up in search image engine.

The main existence of DeXXy.Net is all about travelogue, photography, life & IT. I’ll focus more on travelogue and at the same time maintaining photography at higher level. Life & IT have been put under low attention.

I’m thinking of revamping the entire outlook for simple yet elegant to suit my photography nature and travel bug. I’m still a travel photographer blogger while going through to become portrait photography soon.

My blog theme will be based on photography cum travel which will be cleaner and simpler. Let’s focus on photography better.

Alexa Traffic Ranking (World ranking of website)

In comparison to 6 months ago, the ranking was merely at 1.1mil-th and now its hit to 829k, a huge leap considering under 1-mil bracket. My target by end of year is 700k mark. Thanks to my visitors and supporter of DeXXy.Net.

Unique visits – 28,309 visitors (but my counter shows 21,430)

Page views – 180,292 pages (5.15 pages per visit)

Keyword focus are coming from Melaka tourism, sungai lembing and small towns in north West Malaysia. My usual hangout this year has been to hill-hiking and waterfall, focusing on strength building trip more.

Based on above, I should put more priority in places like waterfall, mountain, beach and etc. Budget is another thing, but quality of each trip is assured.

DeXXy.Net would like to thanks all the readers and supporters.