Sekinchan is well known for paddy field. It has attracted many passionate blogger and photographers towards this destination. The idea of getting to this place was actually from new enthusiastic photographer, TKT. He asked us for photo shooting session since we last had it in somewhere last year, perhaps with him only. LOL. I remember my last photo shooting was a group of DSLR kaki at Tg Sepat. He didn’t join us.

Sekinchan, The Paddy Field

28 May 2010

The scenic can be interpreted into strong feeling whereby many wedding shot also take into this place. Frankly say, if the weather is very good, it could be a stun effect for photography.

My first visit to Sekinchan had brought me to learn a level in photography. So, 4 of us in one car, drove up to Sekinchan as early as 5am sharp. Even though not much traffic blocking us in front, we took around less than 2 hours to reach there, with our first stop in front of Tian Hook Temple. We managed to catch the sunrise over the paddy field.

At 8am morning, we went for seafood breakfast, how weird is it right? To my surprise, there were not serving chicken dish at all. Only serve on what they catch from sea.

Enjoy the pictorial posted below on what we have done there.

Readiness took place

Paddy greenery

Bridge connecting us

TKT low profile photographer

WMK even lower his profile and less use

Weird plantis not vegetable that recognized

Kind of walkmysterious identity

Owner as well as person-in-charge

Infinity biggest paddy field

Juneharvesting month

Wooden bridgesafe but risky

Reflection calm morning

Driven byVios owner

We continue to another side of paddy field. It was not too bad. We enjoyed here, and head back to where we came from.

Goodbye Sekinchan, it was a pleasure trip.