Kanching Waterfall offers seven (7) waterfalls under lush jungle greenery spot that housing much plant life. A good place for picnicking for family and couples. A good hangout for children in the nature. Under this situation, photography made it great.

Kanching Waterfall (Sg Kanching Recreational Park)

20 June 2010

It doesn’t get long enough for me to get into waterfall obsession again. It took matter of words and I’m back to the nature which my old gang of hikers, namely TKT, WMK, CM and Dansan. We drove from KL about 30km along the way to KL-Rawang Road, which normally you would see signboard pointing to Templers Park.

I know many people are familiar with the name of Templers and Kanching Recreational Park is just nearby only. This park is better organized and much larger.

Car park is charged RM2 and entrance fee per pax is RM1. The weekend crowd is great and I saw many picnickers around until walk around also need to be careful.  This park offers big shades for family outing with few huts available. Toilet and bathroom is available for small cost.

Anyway, my visit this round is more about recreational purpose. Also the park offers a great scenic for photography. Adventurer should find this place a bit choke up some stamina, however, it doesn’t require much hiking. To get from first level to highest level, you need around 30-45 minutes depending on your speed.

We all continue explored level by level until reach the last one. Of course we don’t reach the peak where the rivers begin due to safety reason. That is source where the whole series of waterfalls first started. We touch-base all seven waterfalls with proven photos.

Map to ensure you won’t get lost

Remember this gatecorrect way to the waterfall

Confusing signbut at least remind me it’s just nearby

Light exercisebefore reach first waterfall

1st waterfallLata Bemban

2nd waterfallLata Terentang

Got Level indicatorbut no name, what Lata?

Picnic shelterfor free

Smoky aircreating ray of light

3rd waterfallLata Tempenis

CM is looking something interesting

Advanced to next not far away from 3rd

Bridge connecting toilet bathroom

4th waterfallLata Kapur

Most exciting momentsignboard show the last three levels

5th waterfallLata Tembusu

Great forestationneeds to protect the environment

Great adventure startedwith unknown end of stair case

6th waterfall Lata Gapis

Upon 6th waterfall onwardstrekking become challenging

Preview 7th waterfall, sign of heavenly

7th waterfallLata Bayas

Scenic viewLata Bayas

Higher viewmaximum level I ever gone

Probably this is not the end yet, but we resisted to moving further due to safety purpose. However, we saw another group went up further. I insisted to go up further. Challenges always are there for you to explore. I believe normal picnicker won’t go up such height, let alone trekkers do the job alone.

The 5th waterfall began on a fairly steep slope with exposed roots. Shelter is up to here with piles of rubbish, done by uncivilized citizen. The trail ahead is constricted amazingly, under the thick of vegetation. The magnificent view is started and 6th waterfall came into view. It’s looked untouched and fair clean.

We continue to climb further with very steep slope, over roots and rocks (slippery type). Be preparing of these challenges ahead. At last, the 7th waterfall might be the best and we try to settle down but surprisingly this waterfall is way further up and unknown to us.

By not taking any risk in our group, we decided just chill up with our snacks and bread.

We were not manage to explore the plateau where the river begins. I vow to explore in next round again.