Bukit Tinggi is a famous tourist spot in Malaysia which is located on mountain in state of Pahang. It can be found along the way to Kuantan via Karak Highway. I’ve never been there, therefore I was quite anticipated about this place.

Day Trip @ Bukit Tinggi

6 June 2010

Frankly say, my short visit to Bukit Tinggi has been a fruitful moment. I called it a day for me and my dear for our second year. In fact, we had delayed a week of two due to unavailability. So at last, we managed to set off a day trip in a short planning.

That day, the weather was indeed good and bright. Sky was blue, wind was breeze and heart was at cloud nine. LOL. Pardon me. I drove up to the hill, after exiting at Berjaya Hill Resort signboard along Karak Highway. According to my GPS, there were another 11km to go before reaching Colmar Village. So, don’t panic whether you’re on right track.

I was felt relax in a smooth drive and very few cars on the road. The weather is appeared to be very friendly to my camera, means very suitable for scenery photography.

Entrance feesper person

Colmar Villagethe main gate

Carparkonly two cars

Palace guarding the village

I’ve reached the destination when I entered the car park. Colmar Village is just in front of me. I couldn’t express any better word than awesome place. From far, the village is look like a castle, an imaginary dream during childhood.

As a free traveler, I explored the place on my own, equipped with no fancy stuff other than camera.

My recent purchased new lens was a portrait lens, therefore getting change between kits lens and portrait is quite troublesome and I decided to stick with kit lens as it provide me wider captured.

And I felt that I need a wide angle lens seriously … as a travel photographer.

As what I heard from people, you only need one to two hours to complete your tour at Colmar Village. No point rent a room and stay overnight. Online room booking can be as cheap as RM110 onwards but have to plan earlier.

Yes, it’s indeed true to overnight if you opted for night photography. Staying a night will rather boring if not with family with kids. I believe there were some entertainments at night to keep the visitors engaged and stay happy.

Reached in the early morningwith strong morning sunlight

Probably watch a goose swim around kid’s favorite

Colmar the village clock at 10.10am

Other than all these classy buildingthere is nothing much to do here

Also can pretend to enjoy life …. sit down for a sip of tea

Classical French village buildingavailable for overnight stay

Watch toweroversee entire village

Wandered around with joyousas picture proven this lol

Children will keep entertain with soft toy huntingwith token (RM4) for each try

On the topwatch tower @ 4th floor

Our best companionHiPPo

At the time, I was wondering where people get into observation tower for entire village view. Yea, I finally found it as earlier on, nobody was there, and hence I wasn’t realized there is a tower. I guess I won’t climb up through the stair.

We spent about an hour enjoying the village neighborhood, I reminded for our next stop at Bukit Tinggi, Japanese Tea Garden. It was a fancy place that I ever had. Scroll along why I was saying that. The landscape of Japanese village was awesome, imitating the real one and by all odds a good place for photography!

Japanese Village

We took a short wait at designated area to fetch us to Japanese Village about 5 minutes of driving distance.

Designated stationfor shuttle bus

Tren schedulehalf hour for each ride

Gentle breeze keep blowingour feeling keep intact and cheerful

Japanese Village Garden

This village is dubbed as the world’s only Japanese village in a tropical rain-forest, marking the uniqueness of the place and worth to visit. I was noted that there wasn’t any Japanese person around to keep our instinct close to Japanese culture.

Map of villageas well as entire Berjaya Hills

The entire village were tucked into a nicely landscape garden in the forest. Very awe-inspiring …

Landscape landscape everywhere

Koi pondlandscaping build along the garden

Japanese housetypical house of japanese

Tatami Spa … for Japanese style spa

We wanted to try something new and it’s truly recommended if you come in as couple. A fee of RM20 for 30 minutes of kimono OR samurai rental is well-worth for me, at least once at Bukit Tinggi. Both of us decided to try this costume for first time. I know not many visitors were willing to try the costume due to the price.

Both of us walked out to the garden for photo shooting. I noticed many on-lookers at us but I hardly bother about it and rather to catch my time in taking the best shot. I used normal lens as I wanted the garden vicinity in my photos. Enjoy the shots below.

Portraying in Japanese costume

Botanical Garden

Not far from Japanese garden, there was a Botanical Garden. It’s divided into different area in which accessible by staircase along the route. One have to climb down and up in order to view and explore entire garden at once. I did it without much problem, easier than hiking.

Entrance going down the stairs

Eatery placejapanese food

Unique style … normally seen in japanese comic doraemon

Landscaping is great

Overall, it’s an awesome place which can be very expensive if you didn’t plan in advanced. Meals can very expensive and out of expectation, not even can fill-up your appetite if quantity is what you’re looking for. I’d skipped Rabbit Park as it’s not our favorite place and proceed for our lunch back to KL.

End of trip.