Sungai Lembing, one of the most recognizable places among young generation. A unique town owns the largest, longest and deepest underground tin mining in the world. They got the oldest suspension bridge in Malaysia, the perfect sunrise viewing on Panorama Hill, Historical Museum, Rainbow Falls and varieties of popular local foods.

Sungai Lembing, The Hidden Treasure

Rainbow Waterfall

11 April 2010

Rainbow Waterfall is part of Sg Lembing attraction. The tiny water droplets from this high waterfall create a rainbow effect when the sunrise rays hits it, hence the Rainbow waterfall. This phenomenon was at its best in the early morning, preferable around 8.00am. Getting to the place was not an easy way as we woke up early at 5.30am and get ready to the 4-wheels vehicle or jeep around 6.30am.

The wheel was waiting us in the early morning in front of our guest house. All of us boarded on each wheel and start rolling to the rocky trek.

Cheers ^_^

6.30am … Journey to Rainbow Waterfall

We went to the market again for breakfast first. Many were seen having light breakfast as well as famous Yong Tau Fu as their meal. I had simple bread as my breakfast.

Breakfast in the early morninglight or heavy meal depends on yours

Morning marketalso in front of our guest house

At the back of 4-wheels seatenjoy the fresh air

Our friend, Dan San and his girlson the wheel

Rocks & bumpybut still driving fast

King of the wheelfearless on any path

Rough rideamazed everyone

River crossingsalute the way uncle drove

One, two, three Vroom up to the road, knocking hard on stone

At last after 50 minutes rough ride … reached the starting point

CM simply excited the road ahead

Starting pointriver crossing

Towards the trail hikingnot easy as you think

An hour later finally at Rainbow Waterfall

An obvious rainbowformed by tiny water drop with sunlight

Having fun around the water dropping areaenjoy the head massage

Included complimentary lunchMaggi Mee & 3-in-1 drink

Group picturefrom waterproof camera

View from topshow the crowded place

12.00pm … Drove back to Sg Lembing

We headed back to Lembing town where we had our lunch after clean up ourselves and get ready to check-out. Again, we had another hour of bumpy ride under the real hot sun. We were not managed to make it our way to mini hot spring and deer park which our 4wd had already skipped without informing.

However, time was rushing a bit due to another activities follow after that.

2.30pm … Visiting Sg Lembing Museum

We headed to Sungai Lembing Museum, in just 5 minutes from the marketplace. The museum is used to be the mining manager’s bungalow. It houses mining tools and equipments, mineral samples that were mined in the area, mining attires, dioramas and a lot others. Just like any other museums, to preserve its history, it’s their rich mining history they are preserving.

Entrance to the museumfree of charge but need to register

Inside the museumwith air-con, if you keen to read the story, please go ahead

Old type writerI remember I had one similar type when I was child

Tin materialdon’t know real or not, gold is one of those

Wine potfor drunken master, lol

Speechless intruder of the museum

4.00pm … Crystal House (Museum)

All the marvelous collection of crystal by an old man who he was working as tin miner during his younger days. An entrance fee is RM 2.00.

House look alikecrystal museum

Old news extracted last yearbrought some fortune to him as tourist spot

Small religious placeNot deep, but there is where coins are found everywhere on the walls

Entrance to mining tunnela real imitation

A vast collection of crystalfound everywhere in his house

Leaving Sg Lembing …  headed back to K.L

5.00pm … Gua Charas

Our last place to visit after we departed from Sg Lembing town; Gua Charas. This cave is located not far from town. We needed to climb a short flight of steep stairs before we can reach the caverns inside the top part of the hill.

This cave comes with many stairs, almost from starting until reach the top are all stairs. The cave is quite big and in certain part, it’s quite windy. Shooting photo is not that tough when there is enough light in between the cave.

Charas Cavea Hindu cave temple

Parking feesnot cheap

Climbing up to the caveneed to pay reservation fees

Climb half waythe entrance where Sleeping Buddha located

Cave is housinga Sleeping Buddha in deep inside

Climb some more to the topfound a large cave

Found nothingjust a view with really nothing

At the enddark side of the cave

This concludes the entry of my trip to the enchanted Sungai Lembing. A very good and enjoyable trip where I get to know a lot of new friends and fellow photography enthusiasts. I will definitely be back in Sungai Lembing!