Sungai Lembing, one of the most recognizable places among young generation. A unique town owns the largest, longest and deepest underground tin mining in the world. They got the oldest suspension bridge in Malaysia, the perfect sunrise viewing on Panorama Hill, Historical Museum, Rainbow Falls and varieties of popular local foods.

Sungai Lembing, The Hidden Treasure

Panorama Hill

10 April 2010

As history said, the name Lembing was an adoption of the event of spear that fell into Kenau River while the hunters were hunting the deer. Another said the name of Chinese Hakka Lim Ming (林明) translated to Malay.

Sungai Lembing has become a charming town attracting loads of visitors especially on weekends and during holidays. There is Sunday morning market, offering inexpensive goods to the locals and the visitors. It’s a small town with elderly and children. Most youngsters have moved to town for job and better life.

If there is only thing you can related to Sg Lembing is Rainbow Waterfall, you are wrong. There are a lot to tell from my visit to Sg Lembing recently. Although it’s not a complete visit this round, as I missed out few locations here. Hope it can use as guide to plan a trip to this old mining town.

Cheers! ^_^

12.00am … Driving to Sg Lembing

We gathered at Tesco Ampang and depart to Sungai Lembing using East Coast Expressway (ECE) within the 4-hour journey. We followed the Kuantan signboard that leads us to Karak Highway. We passed Gombak and Bentong and reach Karak tool plaza. We did a rest at R&R Temerloh where we had our supper until 2.30am.

Immediately after the Kuantan exit, we reached a T-junction traffic light, turn right to Sungai Lembing. A left turn will go to Cherating/Telok Cempedak.

To summarize the way …

Kuala Lumpur (KL) – Karak Highway – East Coast Expressway (ECE) – Kuantan (EXIT 833) – Sungai Lembing

Driving is the best way to reach there. Please make sure your car has enough petrol to return from Sungai Lembing because the town has only one gas pump which operate from morning until sunset.

The signboard of Sg Lembing are visible enough to be noted.

From there, the two-lane trunk road winds through scatter of villages, palm tree and rubber tree plantations where it ends at Sg. Lembing. We drive with extra careful at night as most part of the road is pitch-dark and many slopes which is hard to see what is ahead of you.

4.00am … Reach Sg Lembing

After 300KM from KL, I took a nap for a while as we reached earlier than expected. After wash up, all of us were ready to hike up to Panorama Hill, a place where we’re above the cloud. By 4.30am we have reached the hiking site. Too early for a heavy breakfast. When we reached the site, it was already swarming with people and we thought we were early. I guess not.

A quite townbut peaceful at night

5.10am … At Panorama Hill

Panorama Hill is about 290m from the sea level. This was the place where we catch the beautiful sunrise after trekking for 45 minutes (depending on stamina and speed). Even though it’s not my first time seeing the sunrise, but we all wait patiently for the astounding atmospheric phenomenon.

The journey to the top was jam packed with peoples!!! Luckily, we did manage to find a nice spot to set up the cameras and tripods.

Around 6.40amtruly an amazing view, golden hued skies with seas of clouds

Panorama Hill allowed us to stand … above the cloud

The view at Panorama Hillthe light of the day

A wonderful sceneof my life

Without a good ‘stabilizer’ such as tripod, capturing such a moment wouldn’t be impossible. As the golden hue emitted through the sky, everyone was very excited about it! Truly, a heaven on earth.

Time for personal shotCM

A big group photoa priceless one

Sea of cloudswhen descending to town from hill

Breath-taking and bewilderingspeechless

Signboard mark the entranceinvisible in super early morning

8.00am … Breakfast @ Lembing town

Finally, we back to where we belong to. A place where we had our breakfast. We went pass this Chinese school. Lembing Public Library, located opposite the school.

At famous morning marketour breakfast place

Nice road sign … Here is the one, Java Street!

Famous Yong Tau Fucost roughly 50 – 60 cents per piece

Taufoo Noodles Mee is very smooth. So, please make an order with homemade noodles and others Yong Tau Foods stuffs, you will surely be satisfied and will be back for more. Strongly recommended!

A complete set of breakfastcost me RM4.40

Famous Coconut Biscuitpeople just buy in bulk

9.00am … Check-in @ Guest House

Accommodation in Sg. Lembing is cheap and affordable as most of them are guest house type. We immediately check-in and the first thing was laid on the bed. It’s the time to get our body to rest. We immediately took a quick shower and prepare our next activity.

This was the place that we stayed in for the night. It’s pretty clean with air-con. Not bad at all! Separate bathroom at downstairs with hot shower. First floor is living hall and dining room for leisure. At top floor, there are about 9 rooms with 4-6 peoples on each room. It’s a pretty good deal!

Stay at Country View Inna good and comfortable guest house

A renovated Sungai Lembing town entrance gate … welcoming us

Brief history about Sungai Lembing

A scenic viewan iconic of the town

Colorful grillscan see lots of colorful grills and buildings

Chee May a poser at one of the colorful grills

12.00pm … Lunch @ Sg Lembing

Food in Sg Lembing is cheap! It’s generally inexpensive compare to any other town. All foods here are homemade, fresh daily cook without any preservatives or seasoning. Peoples here are not spoil with food choices. and is a typical Chinese market place.

Have you ever heard about Ketchup Noodles? Try it and you will like it. Home-made noodles, is exclusively found in Sg Lembing is a legacy passed down from generation to generation. There are different ways to cook the noodles but try Ketchup Noodle, it is unique to Sg Lembing.

Ketchup Noodlea special dish in Lembing Town

Chilly noodlesanother famous noodle

1.00pm … Depart to Pandan waterfall

We headed to Pandan Waterfall after lunch. In fact, it was also called as Sungai Panching (Waterfall). We were paying RM1 per person before we allowed entering to the car park. The place was well build with walk to waterfall from car park is just merely 5 minutes.

Entrance feesas conservation fees to the park

Another name ofHutan Lipur Sungai Pandan

Drought seasonbarely look like a river

River crossingmight just a big joke here

Children poolalso known as muddy pool

Family parkI guess

Young & dangerous parkeveryone knows

Bridge connected to both sideto view entire waterfall scenery

6.00pm … Teluk Chempedak & Dinner at Kuantan

We hit the road again to go Kuantan town for dinner. Before that, we headed to famous Teluk Chempedak beach for leisure and free walk.

White sand beacha place for beach leisure

Windy beachbest for flying kite

Clear skybest for all kind of activities

At 8.00pmdinner time

Order juicy roasted pork (siu yuk)for RM20 (half kilo)

Then, we went back to the house to take a good rest for the next day’s hike.

To be continuing … at Sg Lembing, The Hidden Treasure (Day 2)