Barely after a year since we had our God-Dem Singalong Session, this year was turn out rather cheerless. Our God’s Son AKA Chui Shui’s founder is no longer the best-selling anymore. This fallen devil has slowly come out and enfolds all things together. His existing ASSTERO channel is still kicking alive as ever, thanks to all his queens.

A day of out of focus 3 + 1 year’s old man

22 May 2010

The recent departure from his highly reputable company due to wrap up, had at least brought down his egoistic by nature. The significant downward point of what-so-ever Son-of-God, overrated popularity of Chui Shui’s founder in the past, has affected the future of ASSTERO channel to be function effectively.

I believe the Asstero signal has deteriorated over the time. One of the channel wok has gone far away to the lion country.

Now, he got no power to control and far less ability to take care of his Chui Shui Empire. He gradually earned lesser attention and become insignificant over the time. That’s how we called The Fallen of Chui Shui’s era of Year 2010.

This legendary icon won’t be able to find his successor, but rather to fade in the air of dust.

Happy wiser mana year older

His birthday celebration this year is almost forgotten, but not forgets. If it’s not plan properly, it may end up in a mess and uncertainty future. The reason why I proposed a rescue plan foreseeing this going to be happened. We had a dinner for him at one of the uprising restaurant in Hulu Langat.

We ordered about 7 types of dishes with the most expensive was crab, RM55 for 2 pieces.

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in the jungle

Expensive crabvery ordinary typical crab, please enlighten me how nice?

Out of 14 people last year, dropped to 7 people only this year. Thanks to his retirement effect from the ASSTERO channel.  Our bonding no longer strong anymore. His passion has dropped, same goes with his legendary figure.

An incomplete group picture of remaining supporter of him. You’re simply the Yo-Yo which rolling wherever we are.

Left-over supportersof this legendary figure

I’m not sure whether this pre-birthday dinner will left him a good memory. Stay tunes to enjoy the series of pictures of his latest appearance.

This is what we calledAsstero Gang

This is what we calledAsstero Queens

Now he had stepped into new organization in which he foresees another good future to start ahead. Let’s see how it goes, whether the former Son-of-God is able to withstand human touch and relationship is still a question. He just goes older and wiser man.

Everybody less loves you.