The day has finally arrived. It’s Love Mi Concert 2010 at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. My first concert that I really bought ticket and watch it. I bought this ticket very early, with entitled 10% discount and early bird. To escape the crowd, we decided on Friday’s concert.

Sammi Cheng Love Mi Concert @ Genting Arena of Stars

March 2010

The ticket cost me RM128 with PS3 sitting, means the first row on first level, but located in corner. That’s the reason my focus was on left corner. She was just too far for me to look her better. Not even in the center. Next time please no more side seat. Die-die must in centre, no matter how high the seat.

My group consists of four people included me. We booked a room at Awana Genting and drove up to the concert that night. It’s so convenient to stay overnight especially the concert is expected to end at 11pm. We watched until the end, the encore. She turned out, instead of continue to free style sing, she called us to go back. Disappointment plus some high expectation wasn’t met after all.

We check-in at 3pm in Awana Genting. A deluxe room can fit four of us for a night. Plus I had got used to stay here recently due to Trailblazer and group outing, made me feel I’m back again.

Hot sunlight but cold weather very suitable for our feeling right then

Drove up to Arena of Starsreached there around 6pm

After dinnerwe straight to the entrance

Still consider early and look emptythe feeling was great, awaiting something BIG and GRAND

Few minutes to startthe hall was so noisy with whistle blowing hard behind us

The concert was looking great outside and inside, but kind of short. Only two hours and 15 minutes, not enough for all of us. Many favorite songs still not yet sing, and then have to go off like that. Fans yelled like hell for encore but it’s not working, unlike in HK.

She put a lot of time singing others people songs and also received gifts from fans. I remembered she received Kiew Brothers, boxing chicken dried meat which is her favorite. She also received teddy bear in which she rather not receives anymore as she REALLY got a lot. She prefers something can eat, thus she received those dried meat straight away.

She has talked about her life lately, her slim body figure despite to her age of 37 years. She mentioned she still pretty at her age and quite proud also.

Stage performance singing on the stage

That night, she sang very well, but not enough, most of the great performance lies on her dancing. Her famous old songs were compiled into one Medley song. OMG, that’s too nice, but still NOT enough. She said she had sang for more than 10 years, many good songs definitely, if want to continue until 3am also can’t finish. She hopes to reserve some energy for second day concert as well.

End up, we have no choice but to play her songs in our media player non-stop after went back to hotel.

At 10.30pm, the concert ended and we all went back to hotel for early nap. Bye Sammi concert.