Saga Hill is not a familiar place for hikers, at least compare to Broga. This hiking trail goes all the way from Taman Saga to Wangsa Cheras and approximate distance of 5 KM. Good for beginners and intermediate. Few names related to this hill,  Apeh Hill/ Bukit Apeh, Saga Hill/Bukit Saga and A Pak San (in mandarin).

Saga Hill-Hiking (aka Apeh San Hill)

1 May 2010

In fact, this hill is very nearby my house and I never bother to know about it until I heard and read in somewhere blog. I started curious about what’s so special about this hill compare to other hill. It was so sudden I want to plan for this trip. I sent out invitation via FB, hoping to get someone to explore with me. Result is expected, I got a small group interested in this hill.

It is located at Taman Saga if you take the route to Saga’s peak. This housing area is considered in between Cheras and Ampang borderline. Some more, it’s so near Hulu Langat district. Well, you guess how to reach here.

For first time, of course I have to do my own research to find the exact location and entrance. I found the entrance based on the map in Google. This entrance landmark is a metal staircase. It’s located exactly in the housing area, so if you come here by car, please park into designated parking at playground nearby. The space is limited, so you may consider park at roadside or near the shop lot when you enter the road.

Car parkin the playground field

Our saga beginsexploring the hill for first time

Flat roadfood stall selling nasi lemak and mihun

Journey just begunnon-stop for 45 minutes

Still long to go, typical hill-hiking scenedon’t worry so much

Be happysi Dan San towards Station A

Various sign to remind us to take care our naturetogether with friendly map

Enthusiastic hikers in the making fall in love with hiking

Still long to go challenging root path

Majority took Track A …  the easiest path among B, C and D

Endless trail like thisit’s consider easy compare to other Track

Small rest areaprivately build by local authorities

Alternative way to go upfor experience hikers like us lol

Reach at Saga Hill Summitrest, chit-chat and play around

Nice textureproves a good place for hiking

Special made corner to consider get change completely

Continue our journeyto Bukit Apeh Waterfall

Beautiful/Special/God’s made trees and plant .. along the way if you observe in details

Another rest areawith something to engage and play with

Due to endless walka notification shown at rest point

One of 2 waterfalls at Apeh Hill below is most common one, crowded and no place to stand!

Mini waterfall forget about swimming or dipping

Danny releasing himself and people around not hesitant to watch him

Nearby the mini waterfallanother special corner to get your clothes change

We didn’t stay for long at the waterfall because we wanted to end our trip faster. We were hungry that time. People around us cook and eat their lunch. We brought nothing to waterfall. We quickly get ourselves out from there.  Our body still can stand the toughness of hiking trail, but our stomach can’t stand the hungriness.

During the descend backmet the an uncle who performing waist massage exercise using rope ball

We reached car park at around noon. It’s time for lunch where we had at popular Pan Mee in Taman Muda. Overall, it was satisfying but I hope to conquer again with other more difficult track. I’m sure this hill-hiking doesn’t cost me much to go there and it’s good for build up my stamina. I’ll be back here, yeah!