Gasing Hill forest park (known as Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing) is one of the KL’s best nature walks. It’s not a tough hiking, perhaps available few path for you to choose from. It was once a rubber plantation left idle for half century, the course of nature has overtaken the hillsides and produces a lush secondary forest with large tropical trees.

Gasing Hill (Bukit Gasing)

9 May 2010

This is my first attempt on this trail. The path is excellent for walking and exercise. Many people from come to the park to get another view of nature or just getting fit with climbs and normal walks. From the main entrance, there is a small trail leading to watch tower and wooden bridges over a small stream.

I came with DarkOne Sr who leads us to the trail. These trails were not so difficult for me and can complete in less than an hour for the simplest trail.

By 7.30am, there were a lot of cars and people jam the area and I have to park far away and give a walk distance to the entrance.

Folks are damn earlytwo ways to become one way

Upon entry point entire hill landscape map

An easy trailleads to interchange, trail on left shorter and right longer

Crossing a small stream via bridgestart to hike the steps

About 15 minutes of steps climbing … reaching point is Watch Tower

Watch Towerindication the correct path

On top of towercan view Telecom Tower on opposite

From top to down viewa plain rotten wooden, left unattended

Instead of continue to the top, I decided to follow the Keluar (Out) sign to lead us down the trail. In fact, there are few trails up to the Indian Temple and another tower using 200 steps, but I decided to hold for next round. I get my gang out to explore together. LOL.

Start going downfast and simple trek

Too many trail can be explorelead us more scenic view on top

Almost reach exitmark the end of hill-hiking

Having breakfast at popular mamak stallcalled Raju

Overall, this Gasing Hill hiking was pretty well marked but confusing on some trail leading to nowhere. From my research on other blogs, there are two main sections to this forest park. A long ridge trail to the north will bring you to suspension bridge and exit back to residential road at main entrance. Another one leads to Indian Temple and back through the tar road. I haven’t yet to explore this time.

On weekend, it was rather busy and packs, not easy to find parking spot on side roads. Best come to best are NO entrance fees, parking fees and drink and snacks stall are easy available alongside the road especially on weekends.

Be alert on the steep and slippery steps while hiking on the way. Please take note that NO toilet facility or shelter break in case emergency is strike. I may well prepare for next round here. See you!