I love Thai’s delicacy. My sister suggested this place for our dinner on this year mother’s day. It’s located at Hulu Langat district, a hidden inside the jungle. Not far away from Look Out Point, a popular hill-top eatery place. Turn into the side road on entrance. Road leading to there is quite bumpy, so drive slowly.

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

8 May 2010

Food are normally hot, spicy, sweet and sour. Spices are imported from Thailand while the food are prepared in restaurant. Most workers are from Thailand and the best is they know how to speak Malay and even simple Cantonese. Therefore, you can communicate with them any language … LOL.

Some of the popular food available there are Tomyam Seafood soup, BBQ Talapia Fish, Lamb BBQ, paku vege belacan and sotong with salty egg sauce.

This restaurant is built on fish pond, means you can feed the fish while you’re eating your meal. Fish are directly catch from the pond and cook on the spot. It’s purely 100% fresh. The environment is crowded at night. You need to queue up and order first before get your seat. Most people here comes with family especially those with elderly.

Unique environmentfor your dinner

Kitchen right at the entrancefeel closer to our food

Vegetable stallsell at low price perhaps, no idea at all

Canopy boothuniqueness here

Popular coconut drinkimported from Thailand

Wawa hold the fresh coconut

Lamb BBQsoft and non-fat

Talapia fishhot spicy & sour

Free flow of riceamazing deal

Fried squidcompliment with salty egg yolk sauce, YUMMY

Overall food is okay, however the services are not so good. It keep delaying our food arrival, one by one until some of them fed up with such delivery gap. It happened especially at peak hour at night. Flies and mosquito are everywhere, a bit turn off when we’re having our dinner.

At night, the road lead to the restaurant is completely dark and no light supply. Some more road is bumpy, so be careful while driving in and out on the same road. I definitely will be back for more in future. A good location to have dinner with family and your loves.