This was an unplanned trip. Initially I was planning to bring my friends to Tabur Hill hiking, however, due to bad weather, we switched to PJ Hill, namely Gasing Hill. Although the weather was pretty same, here got shelter from heavy rain. Therefore, three of us end up hiking at Bukit Gasing (Gasing Hill).

Second Attempt to Gasing Hill

22 May 2010

This hill has become my favorite hill recently. I started to like this hill due to its uniqueness in term of located in the middle of housing area and not isolated like what other forest tends to be. Yes, I admitted this jungle still remains untouched but how long it will remain, it’s still become a big question.

My second attempt to Gasing Hill last weekend was rather fruitful and satisfied. As you know my first hike was rather simple and short route in which took only 30 minutes to complete it. I wasn’t enough but never mind, I told myself to try for second time and onwards. Yea, finally did it.

I follow the straight path to the Watch Tower, in which provides inconsistency direction to suspension bridge. We struggled to trial and error on path we taken. Not many people took that path due it’s longer than the other one. I felt really annoying with many alternatives path ahead and it’s very hard to guess which one is correct without proper signboard.

Ancient signboardnot welcome me although it put Selamat Datang

Many small pathsleading to somewhere or nowhere, damn confusing

Better safe than sorryI took the first bridge to start my hiking

At last, we managed to follow the flow and reach the junction where the path leads to suspension bridge. From here, we encountered human traffic jam and we can sure that this is the right one. The path wasn’t too tough for hikers, almost every age group of people are suitable to hike this hill. A good place to exercise. Look like I’m only the one who came here not only for exercise but for photography. LOL.

Left trail is leading to suspension bridgeright trail is where you get back from the bridge

Yeah on the right track

Human traffic jamswhat is the point?

A typical suspension bridgecrossing a small river

At least an attraction to climband explore Gasing Hill

Toughest hikecontinue like no end

Mark the endwhen reached these fences

My destination was actually the peak, however, by reaching suspension bridge is considered a point of success already. At least went back with something to achieve. I’ll be going for third attempt soon to the peak!