Taman Pertanian Malaysia is always synonym with cycling activity. I used to cycle during my childhood day where I started to learn how to cycle. This was the place where I exercise my cycling skill. I remember I was once fall down and it gave me a bad memories and therefore wouldn’t want to cycle for some time until I learn how to drive 4 wheels vehicle.

Weekend Cycling @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

April 2010

Again, I’m back to Taman Pertanian Malaysia also known as Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam not for SkyTrek-ing but cycling. Together with all my ex-colleagues and friends, we all reached the entrance at 9.00am. This was not a well plan but a quick spread. We had almost 14 peoples in our group, a bit tough to identify each one’s need.

We were not the earliest batch to reach, for bicycle rental, there was a long queue and almost all bicycle being grab by people. I was fortunate enough to secure 14 bicycles for my group. All of us were so excited when took our bicycle and test the height and air pressure. The expression of those who were still lining up is really impatient.

Normal bicycle is RM3 for first hour, RM1 for additional hour, while NEW bicycle is RM5 for first hour, RM1 for additional hour. Our total bicycle rental is RM8 for each of us.

Collect our bicycle test, fix and roll on

Childhood memoriesso happy, agree with me?

A very hard to seehard to read, hard to understand MAP

Snaking roadrode with bicycle, so shiok man!

Mushroom Gardenhardly spot any mushroom even the house was locked

A distance walks to somewhere elsethe place that I wish to go

Tall Tree Housecharm and beautiful

Check Point to where? Clueless here

Carol first time in our group outing

Dan San & Mei Ching at forbidden playground

Empangan Sungai Barua new place that I never been

The entrancefloating

Yo! fish pond and fishing activity

Happy Lilywith the fishes

Fish feedingwater splashed to us

When no one feeding themthey made circles

Do you spotted anything unusual?HiPPo is joining us!

ULTIMATE posea group of 14 including camera man

We tried to follow the majority, however, we split into two groups, fast and slow fellow. Enough said, I managed to visit few places that I wanted so much, included this high tree house. Although it’s was impossible to explore every single corner here, we managed to take a look at majority popular destination. One of it was Four Season House.

Famous Four Seasons Houseit’s SPRING season when I came here

Dan San want to provehe was here at the House

A place to put your bicyclesometimes will confuse which one is yours

Lily and the Snowmanlocated outside the House

Entrance fees is RM3 per personSpring Season

Man-made gardenlook definitely nice and live feel

Thermometer readinggosh, can I have the digital one?

Temperature readingin digital mode, is it cold enough?

Group picturesin season house garden

In fact, there are many places that we didn’t manage to explore. I vow to explore at next time. I definitely will be back, no matter how.