One by one … at last her turn is coming finally. Talking like speaker, waiting like ages … now no more, she walk the talk. She get blessed, after a long worry after seen one by one left in prideful.

ah-T Farewell Dinner with ex-DC

3 April 2010

A night without blossom indeed blissful with a colorful food on table. A hot plate with a bowl of soup boiling shows a warming treats from us together. A table of 11 peoples gathered to enjoy an aromatic bowl of mixed junkies. For those who unable to join, were presented her some gifts and blessing message.

At 7.30pm, we started boiling our steamboat soup. About an hour late to start even our Pilot Wong has reached earlier among all of us at 6.30pm. Salute. Keep it up and we will drop your honorable title. Hehe.

We ordered 8 sets plus some side dishes are more than enough. Our own sweet time was start from here … please continue to scroll for a string of pictorial.

A warm potwaiting to get boil

A plateof raw food

Gosh can’t wait faster a bit WMK!

Ah Tee can’t waitblame on WMK slowliness in cooking

Everyone is waitingnice leh wei!

The cookerof course is WMK lah

Ah Tee stand uppicking the raw food

Favorite fish ballget caught by camera

Looking forperhaps not another fish ball

A kind of complicationDarkness aura intimidates everyone

A recognize brandin Sri Petaling

Ended our dinner … we proceed to our usual hangout place … WMK a.k.a TKT’s worm house. Things were not as good as before due to core organizer didn’t know what’s the main point gathered at his house. Whatcha!!

ahT at common hangoutWMK’s house

Usually, farewell often end up with series of pictures taken in office. Due to all ‘good’ mixed colleagues were all out much earlier, we decided to held this session at WMK’s house.

Please continue to scroll for infamous potential model doing her dream with us.

A dunno what kind of liquortaste so bad

Get ready with cupmust finish ALL

Winner is of courseah Tee 🙁

Modeling session is going to startcan’t wait…can’t wait…faster faster

Haiz, I’m still waiting for the crew to setupimpatient ah Tee

Nevermindlet’s try shortie effect

Unable to cope with model ah TeeWMK can ‘keep skin’ already

Ah Tee … with TKT aka BabyFace

Looking forsome funny photo

All the best in new undertaking with same peoples. Hahaha.