Pulau Ketam if translated literally, means “crab island”. It is a small island located off the coast of Klang. The island is easily accessible from the Port Klang jetty by ferry. You can either take KTM Komuter train (1.5 hour) or by car (45 mins) to reach the jetty. In Klang, you will take the high speed ferry to Pulau Ketam. Its only a half hour ride (12 nautical miles) away from the hustle and bustle of Port Klang.

Ketam Island (Pulau Ketam)

February 2010

We took the 11.00am ferry and arrived about 45 minutes time. We enjoyed the trip very much. This was how we started this wonderful trip, simple yet memorable day trip when almost everyone of us managed to agree to go this place.

Our meet up point usually at WMK’s house. At 8.10am, we all started our engine towards KESAS Highway. The toll fees not cheap, totaling RM 6.60 per way, towards until the end of highway. We continue to follow the signboard of Klang Port until reach the jetty. Car park is available at jetty nearby with RM3 per day. Additional day will be charge another RM3 (just let the car park operator know).

There are TWO jetty available at this port, one lead to Indonesia (where you can see a lot of Indon around that area with luggage) and the other one lead you to Ketam Island which located at new car park area (newly developed). We have to walk about some distance before reaching the line queue.

Big and new car parkentrance fees is RM3 per day

The boat schedule is every hour from 9.45am until 5.45am. So since we wanted to board 10.45am, we have plenty time to drink at nearby stall.

Light Breakfastwith DLSR session

Towards the boat boarding areaa distance walk

Queuing lineour group is biggest

Not many people at this hour taking boat trip. Cost per person is RM7.00 only. In fact, there are even a cheaper transport there, that’s fishing boat. Only cost you RM5.00 per ride. Well, RM7 ride provides ample of spacious seat and equipped with air-con. Some even took nap in this 45 minutes ride.

Speed boatat price of RM7

After 45 minutesget down from speed boat

At 12.00pm sharp, we landed our foot at Ketam Island and here we go. A long bridge connected to the village shows a glance of beauty view before we enter the area. Even though it’s all landed property, in fact, called floating property. The “floating houses” that come to view is a sight to amaze visitors. Perching casually on long wooden stilts, these dwellings are suspended about one to ten (1-10) metre above sea level.

This kind of territory that I never seen before.

Bridge connectedto the village

The island is the best opportunity for visitors to witness and experience the unique lifestyle of fishermen. Home stay facilities are readily available. There no such air pollution, traffic jams, car park problem and etc for villagers here. The population (only 8,000) is mostly Chinese (Teochew, Hokkien and Hainanese).

Even we were at a place called island, we hardly see any beach that we could walk and enjoy, in fact, is covered by MUD. In the land of mud, there were A LOT of crabbies crawling around … I think they’re having lunch, that’s why they came out.

Muddy .. a place where mini crabby wandering around

At first when I arrived Ketam Island, I see the biggest sea-food restaurant on the island: Kuai Lok Hian. Seafood is a natural wonder here, more renowned for fresh crabs, prawns and fish. It’s indeed a seafood gourmet’s paradise!

Since most people came to this island for just one day, if you prefer to stay overnight, home stay is available and only ONE hotel you can check-in if otherwise.

Weather was terribly GOOD. Sunny and hot afternoon. When we reached the first entrance to the village, we were greet with welcome and choice of the ONLY transport in the island, bicycle!! Cycling on bicycle is the only transport mode for this island under the law of Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987.

Bicycle is the only transportation modean environmental friendly

Walkingis our choice

Kopitiam a place for coffee

A busy streetsafe walking here

Another jettya cheaper fishing boat to the mainland

Building icon such as police station and fire station are in sight on the main road. Senyap-sunyi aje.

Temple a rare sight

Hock Leng Keng Temple is one of the biggest temple in Pulau Ketam. The temple is beautiful with intricate sculptures and colorful painting. It celebrates its big events at 28th of 4th Month of Chinese Calendar, with Chinese opera and mini concert.

We crossed some seafood restaurant where they offered us an attractive set meal ranging from RM140 – RM180, all kind of seafood varieties mentioned. Some more mentioned about rice and drink are FREE of charge and free flow. What a nice offer here…haha. Competition among them were so intense as tourism can bring them extra profit other than local business there.

Out of the best, we got the best deal there. Haha. At RM170 for eleven of us, we got the following seafood varieties. Yummy!!

Free flow of rice and drinksnot bad huh!

Here is the entry point of Jalan Satu (Road One) towards a long row of villager’s housing. Villager’s here took opportunities to make business from their front house with local delicacies and accessories.

Along the way, I smell stinky when I crossed this kind of sight. Walao … so many rubbish and junkie here. I assume they tried to clean up but still end up with the junk flowing back from nowhere else. Some places even worst with a TV case, bicycle frame and boat skeletal. GOSH! Never had such in my life yet…probably the first.

Correct me if I’m wrong, this is really a recycling house or lab? Maybe your electronic junk you threw away 10 years ago end up in this place. Who know? LOL

Junkie recycle items

Rubbish still appear even after Alam Flora done cleaning

As we crossed further, the connecting bridge is getting chaotic. It was shaking, but not dangerously lah. Imagine you live and grow in this environment…how do you feel?

CM still photogenic as ever

A catchy plain RED house … look like splashing with red paint. Their satellite receiver was incredible huge. Maybe for Sumatera TV signal, perhaps.

Small gatejust for illustration

Photography sessionstarted

Boat skeletondump here and forever here

Wooden house is getting lesser due to brick house was already replacing one by one for safety purpose of increase of quality lifestyle. Of course, one’s less to bother about the gate and even open their main door so wide until we saw almost every furniture inside the living room. This has proven the village is very safe to live in. Some houses turned into business commercial unit such as grocery and saloon. What a kind of modern business as we spotted cyber café as well. Haha. Are they using P1 Wimax here or simply a 56k dial up? LOL.

We continue our exploration further until we looked at our time, 2.20pm already. It’s time to catch up with boat schedule at jetty. Due to tight schedule, we got to forget about Jalan Dua (Road Two) which might be another fascinating view of the other side of villagers.

Here is the primary school, not sure about secondary school, but don’t think got college here at all. Haha.

The only bank available here is Maybank. No other bank willing to open a branch here except Maybank. A respect given to them and further accredited them as biggest local national bank because they understand villager needs banking facilities here to run their business and manage their cash flow.

We spotted this stall which selling Fried Ice-cream, voila! A substance is hot like fire, how can mixed up with another substance cold like ice? And its manage to mix together to form a delicacy called Fried Ice-cream. How unconvincing it is … wow.

On the way back to the jetty, we were offered a cheaper transportation mode to the mainland using fishing boat. RM5 per ride. No air-con, no cushion seat and no windows to peak … at all cost of RM2 cheaper? Got water splashing when boat went against the waves…gosh!

I rather fork out RM2 for a comfortable seat. Anyway, it doesn’t matter much due to different feeling of getting this boat to ride on. They provided us a FREE pack of seafood. How nice.

At 4.30pm, we reached mainland and our day trip ended in a good fashion and enjoyable. A visit to Ketam Island left us some pleasant moment and peaceful mind towards our usual hectic and stressful working day. An occasionally chilled up at such place proved to be a good choice.

Thanks for all to make this trip SUCCESS!! Should we have another kind of trip, I’m sure you all be a part of the group again.