I believe most of us are not aware of such beautiful hidden garden located at strategic hidden popular shopping complex, 1 Utama. The mall management wanted to make something new to patrons, so they created a greenery area at rooftop, apart from a forest in the mall at new wing.

The Secret Garden, 1Utama

December 2009

Hidden forest … in the city

FYI, this secret garden only opened during the weekend, allowing guest to walk-in free of charge, located at 6th floor. One can get sun burnt while shopping at 1U. Weird huh? Hehe.

Registration is needed at the entrance even though it’s free. By walking into the park, one can forget in the fact we were at the roof top of the building.

After get registered at the guard house, I proceeded with a smile. It was a pleasant surprise to see a greenery garden with many trees (trees can plant on rooftop?), creeping vines and cactus.

Amateur photographer would appreciate the surrounding very much. I came here just for lurking around with my D60.

So surprisingly, I met ex-colleagues who are busying with capturing creatures and flowers.

Few zones are available. Finally I came back to Cactus Zone before checking out from the area.

A short trip to Secret Garden gave me a pleasant feel that I should visit more such places in Lake Garden KL.