There are a lot of names associated with this place, Sungai Chiling, Chiling Waterfall, Chilling Sanctuary River and Chiling River. Normally we just called it Sg Chiling or Chiling Waterfall for short. So here we are again, a revisited trip for the second time.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

20 March 2010

I was leading a group of eight (8) peoples, started from KL. Our journey on trekking all the way @ 11.20am considered late. Many reached earlier than us. Upon reached there, I wasn’t so excited, maybe I know the environment there. This waterfall has gone over-marketed through some photo album and blog site, causing a huge crowd at most weekend there. No fun at all.

Some more, the entrance fees has increased RM1 now, a 50% increased! Gosh!…lol. None of my reason going there other than photography.

We have to cross 6 rivers (actually six times river to be exact in ONE river only) before reach the waterfall. We felt chilled up enjoying scenery there.

Crossing 1

A dry crossing on the bridge to cross the river. We meet a cross junction after a while. Remember to TURN LEFT to small murky path lead all the way side by side river. I don’t know where it goes if you go straight or turn right.

Lintasan 1bridge connected to opposite side

Path leading to another river crossingmuddy and rocky

River sidecooling feel

Crossing 2

A remarkable easy start and shallow water when crossing. First timer will find it exciting. Cooling water up to your thigh.

Lintasan 2it’s time to get wet

Crossing 3

Not long after that, we reached here…in fact, you can choose the difficulty…one need hike up and another one just cross the river. Of course we follow tough path, required hike up and down. The water is deeper a bit, each of us need to help each other when crossing.

Lintasan 3tricky part

Sweet crossingwhat a sweet moment

Even sweeterdreaming some more

Crossing 4

Again, crossing this river make you think about how long you will reach there. Got urge to dip into the water. Some more, the weather is hot.

Lintasan 4another simple river crossing due the drought

Crossing 5

Undoubtedly I know how long it need to take as I saw some groups having their picnic by river side. Some even BBQ and cause the surrounding so … aromatic. LOL.

Lintasan 5almost reach, nice trekking track

Crossing 6

A sign to reach the waterfall, here we are. The place really crowded. It was hard to find a place to put our belongings. End up we just took some pictures around and eat our pack lunch.

Lintasan 6relax a bit

Zig zag too many stones

We don’t feel going to waterfall in such way, more like water theme park or gathering place. We need some inaudible place with some privacy. Definitely this is not the place.

Crowded school holiday week mah

Lari cahayaa new words I learn today, hehehe

Happy face3 babes

Group of E2 Power

Orang hutan ini dari mana?Tangkap ikan

Hippo & Ah Chatnot left over

Since we were come from far, we at least need some cold off our body.

We get off early around 1.20pm. We went back on the same road, took about 45 minutes before we get changed in the washroom.

This washroom facility is NOT COMPLETE. How can we pay such RM1 for such incomplete facility. No shower tab or place to change properly. On male washroom, it’s look like more toilet to me rather than washroom. Gosh!

So overall it wasn’t so exciting for me. Everything seems in order and expected. Needless to say much, we just walked through the path and cross few rivers, then back to the same route, wash up and go back. So if you’re asking me whether another revisited, I would say, enough!