My new ‘sword’ in the battleground. Yes! I finally purchased a new racket, Apacs Nano 9990 after 3 years stick with Yonex Carbonex 8000.

Apacs Nano 9990

Oval head … for Nano 9990 means for sharp smash & power hitting/return to the opponent. Switchboard is small can enhance concentration of power & Energy on the shuttle. This type of racket is suitable for well-trained & professional type. this type!

I wanted to get a new one so much to replace my existing one due to limitation it had offered me. If you want to know where I was buying this, I bought from online, through Cash On Delivery (COD). Our communication platform is Facebook and email. As they’re having a promotion, hence I got a cheaper price than RM88. A very good deal. I definitely recommend this to my friends to purchase from them.

Comment from Seller

This is a very solid well balanced racket focusing on all rounder players. It has medium weight and it is also evenly balanced. The biggest advantage of Apacs Nano 9990 is strength of the racket frame, which can withstand a tension of 35lbs (we advise 30lbs after first stringing), thanks to the Reinforced Structure. This is the only racket under the price of RM100 in the market which can withstand 35lbs of string tension, based on manufacturer’s specification. The strength of the frame is not only for durability purpose, but also to transfer power efficiently to your shots.

As this is a stiff racket, you would need to have a certain level of swing speed and strength to be able to use the racket effectively. However you could always string it at lower tension (22-24lbs) if you find the racket too stiff for you

Racket specifications

Material: Frame: High Modulus Graphite with Reinforced Structure
Shaft: High Modulus Graphite
Head shape: Isometric
Racket length (mm): 675mm
Racket weight (g): 84(±2) g
U specification: 4U (larger ‘U’ = lighter racket)
G specification: G2 (smaller ‘G’ = smaller grip) (G4 Yonex equivalent)
Shaft stiffness: Stiff (might vary from manufacturer’s original rating, based on our actual experience with the racket)
Weight balance point (mm): 285(±5) mm (even balanced)
Manufacturer advised maximum string tension: 35lbs (first time stringing only)
Advised maximum string tension: 30lbs
Manufacturer Warranty (months): 6 months (manufacture defect only)