As a traveler of myself, I’m always aim for affordable and bargain-priced trip. My last year travel & trip indeed a fantastic one. I’ve gone to many places, no matter far or near, big or small, simple or difficult, all came with wonderful experiences and memories.

MATTA Fair 2010

Thanks to the MATTA Fair event, I managed to plan many trip successfully. This coming MATTA Fair 2010 is also promised a lot of bargain and even better deal for traveler after recovering year 2009 economy. It will be held in this coming 12 – 14 March 2010 @ PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre).

So far it’s the best travel fairs in Malaysia which you’ll be able to find for a fantastic holiday packages and great bargains.

With a given wrist band to wear when you pay for RM3 entrance fees, you’re entitled for a whole day fair (walk-in/out). If you’re MATTA credit card holder issued by EON Bank, you will get 2 entrance fees for FREE. The opening time is from 10am – 9am. So expected big crowd would be after lunch hour until 6pm.

Holiday package always comes cheaper during this MATTA Fair as most of the travel agencies or tour companies would be throwing crazy priced packages that are unbelievably cheap. But local packages would be the big sellers as most of these packages are more than affordable, usually 3D2N packages which very suitable on weekends.

Those of you who seek a quick holiday or day trip, keep an eye out for cheap ticket entrance for specific tourist spot in Malaysia. As for myself, my target this time is mountain climbing and probably a beach trip. Anyway, it’s a good place to look for good deals.

Last year I booked an island trip and mountain trip, this year is not an exception as well. I planned for Gunung Mulu National Park later this year. It’s not going to be pre-booking, instead a full booking since I got the air ticket last year already.

As you see, my crazy plan doesn’t stop though, for the sake of local tourism support, I will be indeed aggressive this year. My travel list is still growing.

Travel Grand Plan for 2009 (completed)

Let’s get a look at this year.

Travel Grand Plan for 2010 (on-going)

  • Mountain/Hill – Tabur Hill (East) – Bukit Tinggi – Fraser Hill – Mulu/Niah Caves – Endau-Rompin National Park – Penang National Park – Gelanggi Cave – Nuang Mountain
  • Island – Tioman – Kenyir – Pangkor – Langkawi – Cherating – Kapas
  • Waterfall – Sg Congkak – Sg Lembing – Lata Kinjang
  • Park – Butterfly Park – National Zoo – Taman Pertanian – Waterpark (Sunway/Desa/Gambang/Tambun) | Science Centre – KL Tower | KLCC Aquaria/Petrosains – Putrajaya

Apart from this, I’m planning for KL Marathon, Perhentian Challenge and Genting Trailblazer at second half this year.

I’m looking for planning more adventure activity such as Mt Kinabalu Mesilau Trail 2011. Woohoo!

Anyway, let’s see how it goes for first half of the year.