Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) is one of the most popular hill among hikers. If you have been to Broga Hill or heard about it, you’re pretty much to like this hill as both offer you the striking view of sunrise in good weather. My hiking in Tabur Hill this time indeed a very good experience. I did five attempts in West entrance since year 2006 and this round I managed to hike East route with guidance from an experience leader in our group.

Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) – Sunrise @ East Route

14 March 2010

With a splendid 6 hours of hiking (included rest and photography session), it gave me a different view of Tabur Hill since I first knew it. Due to our mission is to watch sunrise at the peak, we planned to start hiking as early as 6.00am. All of us were punctual and VOILA, we started to walk in the dark with help of head torch lamp.

The sky still in dark and we walked in a line with a sweeper behind us. It was done professionally by considering all of us are first timer. Even though, none of us complained about exhaustion, guess everyone there are quite fit for such challenging climb.

If you are looking for such physically challenge activity in Tabur Hill, this post should able to bring some rough picture of the place. More or less, the pictures speak thousand of words.

Misty morning@ 6.00am

Rope climbingin the cloud of darkness

Blue skya cirrus of clouds

Vegetation … change and be part of mystic nature

Continue our journey tomythical peak

Sunrise, the glow in the darkThe twilight of the Gods

Wonder worldthe place where we oversee the whole

We stand stillin a high note

Group of uslooking for achievement

Journey continuewith full of passion

Closer to the mythical peakclose to heaven

Top of the worldraise a flag and permanently lay here

Descending back to civilizationwhere we belong to

Our whole experience here is giving us much satisfaction and fun. No casualty happened and quite smooth for everyone. In fact, not many people know how to come here even though they’ve heard for few times.

We only met two groups and a solo hiker that day. Less people come means less hazard cause by foolishness of humanity. Difficulty are varies even though rope climbing seems to be the most challenging way to climb. Imagine the same route use to descend back to the starting point.

This is the beautiful of Tabur East.