Hot Spring (TRAP) @ Sg Klah, Sungkai is one of my 3-in-1 Ipoh Trip package and consider as successful and satisfied. The trip is also known as Balik Kampung…Geng! As our destination is at Ipoh, hence before we reached Ipoh, we stopped by Hot Spring area. After we left Ipoh, we stopped by Cameron Highland. Six of us joined for this 3 days 2 night FREE n EASY trip.

Sg Klah Hot Spring (Taman Rekreasi Air Panas) @ Sungkai

December 2009

A splashing and exciting getaway … hot spring in Malaysia

My experience in Sg Klah Hot Spring was giving me some good times. It’s an planned trip where we were fully utilized our time and effort. We marked our journey in the early morning, 6am. We took PLUS highway from Jln Duta, heading up to the North, to the Ipoh direction. We took Sungkai exit toll and follow the very clear signboard for the direction. About 10km journey is required before reaching the entrance.

It’s a quick ride to the destination at 8am due to less vehicle on the road. It’s all smooth. We were considered as early comer due to the park is only opened at 8am. Woohoo! The entrance fees is only cost us RM10 per adult. We walked into the park, we hardly able to tell which direction, just follow the signboard again.

Its’ said to have the most well-kept hot springs in the country. The huge area sprawled over but getting one place to another is not a problem because there is a tram to take visitors around.

After we get into entrance, we have two directions; one is using normal road while another one is using board walk. By using the board walk, we met the first hot water pool by nature. The source was from somewhere unknown to us … boiling at 100 Celcius .. damn hot.

The main attraction is the hot spring by the name which have been artfully harnessed with network of pools of different sizes.

We finally reached one of the biggest pool, that ‘s Kolam Berendam (Hot Spring Soaking Pool). Dipping into this pool is like stepping into a sanctuary where the mind and body are calmed by the steady steam, the sound of running water and the casual banter of bathers. It’s so alluring and tempting. We quickly went for change.

Dipping into this pool is strictly no shoes near the area. All shoes must be put onto shelves to prevent unnecessary dirt flow into the pool. I suspect the pool never clean up, just let the water flow in and flow out at the other end. Urggghh.

I don’t want to dip my head into the water already … I got taste some weird taste. Urggghh.

Let’s the picture do the talking. Too bad my waterproof camera start deteriorating and not able to withstand long before water gets into the body. Urgghhh…time to look into next gadget.

Thereupatic Park (Taman Terapi)

This water therapy park is another tiny pool where you can dip your feet in water with the temperature ranging between 35 C and 38 C. This heat is enough for us to burn our feet. It’s totally turned off for us who are sensitive to the heat.

After some prolong dipping of our feet, we finally get used ady. Then proceed to another pool with 40-45 Celcius, even hotter, but then only can stand for a second and surrendered already. Haha. Over 60 Celcius, nobody can stand such heat except her. Amazed me … don’t she have heat nerves?

There is the 30m water reflexology path, where you can walk barefooted on irregular stones to boost your blood circulation. Amazing and first time experiencing this. I managed to complete it with full of inner pain. Try it, it won’t regret.

Egg Boiling … (Merebus Telur)

There is a place where the water temperature hits 100 Celcius and boiling all the time. We were feel so excited and we try to boil some eggs there. We have bring some of our own … in fact, it’s not allowed but how? The stall was yet to open. I was told that the sulphur content is low so that’s probably why the eggs taste awesome and no foul smell.

Mountain Spring Pool (Kolam Air Gunung)

When the thing getting warm down and we decided to get into cooling pool, which is fed by water from a mountain spring. There are water slides to try out at the cooling pool. These are safe even kids are play in a not so deep water, less than 4 feet.

Cascading Hot Water (Aliran Air Panas Bertingkat)

This is just for display … artfully created to show boiling hot water.

This entrance can be seen upfront the ticket counter. Walk along the path can seen real source of hot water, where it was came from.

Around 1:00pm, our energy dropped to the level of satisfied. We all agreed to go off due to the large crowd coming in, made it impossible to move freely from one pool to another pool. We hate to line up for something that we can go freely in the early morning.

We left the park and headed to Bidor for famous duck mee lunch after change to our dry clothes.

Bye bye Hot Spring Sg Klah (TRAP).