A beginning of all of the deflated-ism one after another started with the first departure. We saw, we observed, we felt and we touched of this reality with dumfounding outcome. After six years of uprising an empire … the ending was quite gloomy.

The Fallen Of Dignity

August 2009

The great departure of the department leader was known as Master’s of ALL the Masters. This marked a very important point of the downturn and gloomy future here. One after another was following his steps end up weaken the empire overall. Some were fetched a good fortune when they left-over in the falling out  of what-so-called abandoned heritage.

An absolute devotee follows their Master anywhere he goes. One’s career or life is very hard to be re-justified again without recognition of the past. Hence, the real reason of existence of surrender-ism here.

The following artworks was taken by well-known online and offline photographer, Kevin Loh. Enjoy!

Lunch catering … from him

Unforgettable meal

A gift from his young padawans… a piece of artwork.

We are sure you will think of us when you  … eat, sleep, XXX and shit

A dedicated gift from restless padawans … priceless.

You’re our hopes and future

Lies within our memories … always be

All the best !!!