Barely a week after the new year countdown, it was a birthday party plan for Andrew. He is one of my new kaki (member) in my last theme park trip. This party organized in so sudden and we all have been assigned a task to contribute.

Andrew’s Birthday Party

10 January 2010

Welcome to 30’s Club … woohoo hoo.

These balloons were represent us. We planned, we surprised him and we made it finally. Quite simple but enough to keep us busy. We played a song for him to made him feel touched. We ordered and bought lots of delicious food while she made a red tainted eggs and cheese cake.

FYI, she really put a lot of effort & energy to give him a memorable dinner. I never seen such of her so energetic in doing something hopefully to make him feel good. We had so much fun and let the pictures do the talk here.

At 7.30pm …

Guest arrived after an hour long preparation. We set our theme in red, so everyone wear red that day.

At 8.30pm …

Our dinner is done. Now we moved to photo session with newly joined member, Teddy Bear.

While Andrew was interested to perform some balloon act. Here it is. He says, “I’m a white balloon”.

“I saw a purple balloon. She was shy and wasn’t want to see me directly. So,  I came closer and closer.”

“Opss … I kiss her”. Shy … shy … shy. “Hope she understand what I’m trying here”. LOL.

The party ended with full of laugh and well, all of us are quite enjoyed the meal and activities.

At 10.00pm …

Again, Andrew, welcome to 30s club.