I wasn’t sure when I joined this Maxis One Club, but it has been quite a while since I got this reward booklet. I guess I haven’t fully utilized this voucher offered to me and it had been expired today. Well, it’s not bad to get this booklet often to see what the best can offer.

Maxis One Club – Your Rewards, Your Privileges

This Maxis One Club Special have some vacations, dining, shopping and health beauty gift vouchers. It’s a privileges and rewards for members like me for almost ten years.

Only recent years ago, I’d subscribed those postpaid plan, Family Plus plan which really benefited me in the long run. I’ve saved a lot, due to this package, I’m considering to get higher package as my monthly usage has exceeded RM110. Perhaps to consider iPhone plan? I’m still thinking after few months since their launching. Sigh.

Thanks Maxis for the great service offered.