My first Lou Sang dinner with my ex-colleagues, almost all of us here. There were nine of us (ten originally including FK Wong (Simon) decided to fly us kite at last minute). We arrived at 7.30pm. This was highly anticipated dinner, without you all, it won’t be a complete dinner that day.

Lou Sang @ Hakka Restaurant

10 February 2010

Once we get our sit, we were served with the menu. It was a special dinner meal set ranging from RM498 to RM698. We decided on the basic dinner set, comprised 9 meals. I don’t remember the meal’s name but it’s very similar to hotel bouquet dinner except the first dish. Our first dish was salmon fish yee sang.

To cut it short, here are out set dinner for the night. It wasn’t too long for the first dish came out. Tossing yee sang is fun.

Yee Sang with Salmon Fish

Tossing … tossing … good increment, bonus, bla bla bla

Overall, the whole dinner set meal was satisfied. The time taken for serving each meal was allowed us to chit-chat in longer time. We finished all the dishes on the table for the sake of nine people only even though the amount is cater for ten people.

Our dinner cost us RM547.80 inclusive tax of 10%.

I’m recommended this place for casual dinner but not high profile dinner because the taste and quality wasn’t up to our expectation. We neither comment nor complaint about it. Further more, it’s just a casual dinner for us.

It was about 10 years back since my last visit to Hakka Restaurant which is having 43 years of history. Really a long mature brand.